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Resend the sizing e-mail. Charly is responding to these inquiries.You aren't going to get a response on the status update so stop asking about that and just wait it out.Jacket types (like ToJ0s) get sent out in small, rotating "batches." Yours may or may not be in the next "batch." If it isn't it will be in a future batch sometime later in the cycle.It sucks, but you cannot get more information than that right now. Nobody is happy about this.
Eh. I guess I feel like they're "close enough" that if you really care about the wait times you'd be willing to overlook the differences.
I don't know why. It's not that hard to find a ToJ alternative if you are willing to pay up.Boom, black MDR: http://www.mrporter.com/en-ca/mens/balenciaga/leather-biker-jacket/508691Boom, oxblood MDR: http://www.bottegaveneta.com/us/coat-or-jacket_cod41453101sx.htmletc.
Also why are SLP and ToJ the only two options that you're considering? There are probably a hundred good leather jackets in between those two.
I'm just saying that historically orders have been shipped with wrong hardware, etc. and ToJ has taken care of it.
This has been generally overstated in this thread and I'm sure ToJ would take care of it if the two people who received wrong hardware had asked (they didn't). IMO that isn't a big risk.Honestly I think its insane to spend $5K on an SLP over a ToJ wait or no wait UNLESS you are specifically looking for the SLP doublerider look, which is as distinct as, say, MMM is for cafe racers.
What Fuuma said.This is a dumb question. Quality is probably comparable. Design is different, both are pretty unique (e.g., someone in the know will know its a ToJ or a SLP, so "street cred" accordingly). SLP is 5x more expensive than TOJ. What do you value more: $4000 extra to get a jacket on the spot or $4000 saved to wait several months?
You just asked this same question several posts back and I gave you a few answers. You haven't since added any new criteria or insight, so I don't know wtf you want here. There is a perfect coat for everyone if they are willing to pay.Here: http://www.mrporter.com/en-ca/mens/saint_laurent/slim-fit-wool-peacoat/458485Slim fit, 100% wool, full satin lining, no vent, probably highest quality. Do you have $2000 to spend on a peacoat? If not you might have to settle for...
If Charly said it was alright (recently or before Drew posted that list) then it is probably alright.But if not, I hope he had an 18" torso.
I would wait 18+ months for that elephant statue.
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