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Thanks for the very detailed answer. I suppose the gist of my question was whether they had made the custom Navigator for me in the wrong wool (a merino) that is softer as opposed to the wool most are made in (a "melton" or whatever) and whether others who owned 24oz 100% wool Sterlingwears had the same experience as me.Any advice for stiffening a collar? I figure the options are starch or sew a piece of leather onto like the Billy Reid or TOJ coat...Edit: The more I look...
Sort of. I think the problem is that there IS no accurate assessment of when the jacket will be done purely by nature of the production cycle. So they give best guesses, and Charly's "20+ weeks" quote is I think evidence that they are moving away from providing definite numbers.At any rate, I'm happy to deal with the uncertainty/surprise of when you are getting your jacket as long as it means there is no price increase for more accurate production/logistics/service any day.
I just received my custom order Sterlingwear Navigator in the mail in 100% wool (either Melton or Merino... I dont know?) to replace my older 80/20% classic. One of the things that I've noticed with the 100% wool is that it is very flimsy/floppy/soft and thus the collar does not stay "popped." It generally does not feel rugged. Is this the case with the Navigators generally or have they cut this in the wrong type of wool? I know the S. Wear website advertises its 100%...
No it isn't. Nothing about the past 10 posts has been useful. The most useful thing you've posted here was your messed up first jacket, and that was only useful for the lolz.
Sheeit. When did you order?
That's oxblood, not whiskey fyi. Maybe you know that though and are just commenting about the material.
Well I figure with the bomber you can layer a sweater under and get some use out of in Winter. CM/MDR are basically fall and spring it seems.
I guess they are different... but not to the extent that the A-2 and MDR would be. I think what I meant by this is that the A-2 is wearable for more seasons than the CM, whereas the CM and MDR are pretty much synonymous in the way/season that you wear them.
Q: Redundant to have both a CM (lamb) and MDR (calf)? I'm debating switching the CM to an A-2 but kind of conflicted...
I've read this explanation before. Its something about achieving symmetry with the pockets and contrast with the suede patch.Who the fuck cares? It's a 2 inch difference in leather.
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