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http://johncoppidge.tumblr.com/post/76305361568/daniel-you-are-not-allowed-out-of-the-box-wall So last batch went out about 2 months ago right? I'd say a new shipment is imminent...
Eh. I'm closing in on 32 weeks and I'm starting to get a little bit antsy at this point...
Can anyone give me the lowdown on the Viberg CXL Service boot vs. the Alden 403 Indy? I have a pair of Indys but am eyeing the Vibergs in Color 8 CXL. I figure the Vibergs are better quality, and I know that they are "sleeker" but how do they compare in terms weigh, width/blobbiness, instep height, etc. Also, fair to say Trubalance size = 2030 size?
Officially on week 30. Sigh. So close yet so far.
WWhat exactly happened here? The only things I remember reading from him was him bitching about a) the CM collar and b) the price of shearling. Like a moron.I didn't know he actually ordered something...?
Awesome. Thanks.
Yep, Max Cash is it.Hm. What I was looking for was something with a slightly lower (or same) rise and a little less snug than the PS. Seems the Max Cash fits half that bill. The measurements on Acne's website vs. those on Context for APC indicate the rise on the Max should be lower than the PS...
Question: how does the Acne Max fit compared to the APC PS? Debating between the two of them for a pair of black jeans. Seems the Max are a little less slim/tapered?
Bumping this question...
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