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Any update on the heirlooms?
Quick measurement question: If I increase the front and back rise length by 0.5", by how much should I increase the "pant length" measurement. Thanks!
Whoa whoa what is this sweater pre order?
Specs and pics?
When are the heirloom cardigans due to ship again?
Many thanks. In terms of shade should I be aiming for the light-medium grey or medium grey for a first pair to match with a navy blazer?
Just bumping this request...
Hi folks, I'm having some trouble deciding which grey flannel pant to get. I don't own a pair of grey flannel trousers, so I'm not sure which shade of grey is the "standard" shade. Moreover, is there any reason I should spring the extra $50 for Dugdale over the VBC? Will the VBC suffice for a newbie? VBC (all $150): Flannels mid-grey Flannels grey...
Of course. There don't seem to be any brands at KW's price point that offer it though.
Oh well that's a different matter entirely. Guess I will consult with him. If anyone has photos of it on their own suits do please let me know.
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