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Did you buy one for your dad? Is that why you are posting in this thread?
Leather jacket season up here again. Sigh.
Pretty sure Drew opened and/or cooked at Scout then left and opened Libertine. I don't think the closing has anything to do with Libertine.
Personally, I'm just looking forward to hearing some music made by members of the SF community. Rock on, Pru.
This is kind of the saddest thing I've read in this thread.
The biggest injustice of this ToJ debacle is the amount of time it has sucked out of my life coming here to read ridiculous posts about cookies and Drew's cocaine habit. Seriously though Masshi do you really eat cookies for breakfast every day? I know you are Asian and ectomorph and all that, but seriously dude.
I had no idea they were still making duffles before the cut-off...?
Whoa there buddy. You are misinterpreting me. Agreed on improper use of quotes on my part. But a) I didn't know it was your ad and didn't look at who had listed it, and b) I wasn't inferring that the seller was being untruthful or unscrupulous. I'm not even sure how you inferred that. I was only pointing to the ridiculousness of the general TOJ situation.
A TOJ posting from grailed: "Over 70 weeks of waiting already complete!!!!!" What a sales pitch.
Which part of that post was unreasonable or naive? Fuck off.
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