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Also at 35. There are some here that are over 40 weeks in. Some end of June orders just got shipped last week so who the hell knows. I'm guessing maybe there was a massive influx of orders in end of June/early July with the closure announcement, then a taper off through August and after. So wait times might stabilize or reduce at 40 or so.
Ordered? Model?
My guess? Shipping drop (logistics-wise) happens mid or end of day Korea time and then Charly/Sally (who are located in a different timezone) have to coordinate tracking e-mails... so actual tracking notices should go out a day after the shipping drop happens physically. I think.
Anybody get tracking yet today?
Anyone have experience with Acne Max Cash? How did you size them?
Forget all that other stuff. This is good news. Here's hoping for June-August done.
http://johncoppidge.tumblr.com/post/76305361568/daniel-you-are-not-allowed-out-of-the-box-wall So last batch went out about 2 months ago right? I'd say a new shipment is imminent...
Eh. I'm closing in on 32 weeks and I'm starting to get a little bit antsy at this point...
Can anyone give me the lowdown on the Viberg CXL Service boot vs. the Alden 403 Indy? I have a pair of Indys but am eyeing the Vibergs in Color 8 CXL. I figure the Vibergs are better quality, and I know that they are "sleeker" but how do they compare in terms weigh, width/blobbiness, instep height, etc. Also, fair to say Trubalance size = 2030 size?
Officially on week 30. Sigh. So close yet so far.
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