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I dunno. The fit looks off to me in general. I'd probably size up 1.
Just buy the fucking jacket. If I didn't have $800+ tied up in ToJ right now I'd be all over this.
TOJ in 2010: TOJ in 2015:
I think the storage debacle is indicative that they were coming but not being shipped/were being mismanaged. So a lot of those "spots" are actually probably completed jackets.
Can we just change this to the "Official Distorbiant Thread" already?
He did a long time ago: http://toj-gallery.com/album/toj_moto_2011/image/17957
These look really great. Feeling that ToJ regret.
I think you'd have to be a real moron to buy any "spots" right now.
I hope that the leather gnomes magically send me the correct thing that I paid for!!!
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