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Does anyone have a picture of the unpadded spall a shoulder? I'm going to make my first KW suit order soon. Thinking navy, spalla shoulder, 3-roll-2, regular canvas, standard lapel width. Would this be "office" appropriate?
What the absolute fuck are you talking about?
I'm sure your village of yokels is very pleased with itself.
Yes, I know this. Doesn't make it any less appropriate.
Camels are awful animals. No guilt.
Okay well tell southwick I will personally find, slay, and skin a baby camel for them if they can offer it again this year.
Any chance of the baby camel making a return for the next EFF or is that one totally gone?
Never tried the SL but I think a 32 regular bedale will be just fine. PM me if you have more questions.
Does anyone own both the 013 and 011s? Want to know if I should take the same size in both....
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