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Pretty sure this was discussed about a year ago and the conclusion was that it would be unfeasible to pursue legal action given the nature of ToJ as a business.
I think I'd be lumped in with the "fan boy" crowd and I'm a grown ass man with my own money. I wouldn't even say I'm a fan boy so much as I'm in denial about potentially having thrown away ~$1000. Paging @mrchariybrown can you force Drew out of his hole?
Love that d.
None of those bolded points are true.
Word. Also what's this stuff I hear about the new sage being different from the old sage (pre-2004)? Is that true or is it the same shade?
I agree with this but its crazy how much more popular olive is over sage these days.
I think they're too big. They make you look kind of cross-eyed because your eyes aren't centered. You have a pretty narrow head it seems.
Mind if I ask what date you ordered? Sooooo close to my Aug 20 moto order.
I would contribute so much money to this.
1 2 3... 3?Was referring to that. Not number of weeks, bros.But seriously, July 17th is a long time. I'd be worried if August orders started rolling in and I didn't have mine yet.^^^^^ also WTF? I bought a pair of black jeans and some white t-shirts, specifically thinking "oh this is probably what I will wear with my fancy new jacket." Sometimes I wear these despite not having said jacket. They still work. What t-shirt or shoes do you have that you are hesitant to wear...
New Posts  All Forums: