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Sexy. When did you order and when did you receive? Edit: NM saw your earlier posts. Ordered July 2013 received 3 weeks ago.
Hey Thurston, Can you guys do a custom Aero bomber order in a suede? Basically this but with a traditional bomber collar instead of the ribbed and patch pockets: http://www.aeroleatherclothing.com/product-detail.php?id=2593
...I am amazed that you've made it this far in life.
Yes. Same. He's not responding to e-mails that he does not need to address immediately (basically anything he is sending out imminently).
The weather today is just perfect for leather jackets!
I'm shorter than you and took a 20" front on a moto. Jackets with ribbing are an inch longer generally so I would take a 21" in an A2. I think 22" is fine for you.
Thurston, any photos of the Derby with the brass hardware?
Actual helpful post for once:I think you are right about your shoulders throwing off oyur TOJ0 fit relative to others'. If I remember when you posted those shots of you shirtless, you have really hanger shoulders for someone so skinny.
Wait wait. Hold on. Is that wool ACTUALLY different?
+1 on moving the cuff zips.
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