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99% of the population won't notice those fit issues. If you really like it, rock on dude.
K. I guess the two problems I have with it are 1) the blue suede trim is distracting and incongruous with the snake skin, and b) it looks like they ran out of snake skin halfway down the back. But whatever as long as you're happy.
You really custom ordered that?
Yeah the reason Barbour warns you about taking it to outside alterations is because of their "special waxed thread" that weatherproofs the seams. I am pretty much positive that is marketing bullshit. You'll void the warranty if you have a non-Barbour tailor work on it though.
For those who have received jackets recently, did you get tracking or an e-mail beforehand or did they just show up one day?
I have a hard time believing that lambskin won't stretch a half inch, especially around the armpits and in the sleeve width (elbows, biceps). Just wear the damn thing.
Just send it to Barbour in NH or UK.
Word just about the time I changed my order (August 25 2013 order) so should be safe. Phew.Also lol at your jacket being done for like 8 months now.
Its not zipped all the way and he's pushing one of the panels out with the hand in his pocket. So angle.
Right. Around what date did you change it to the black calf MDR though? Just trying to figure out between when and when it actually got produced.
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