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More pics!
I can change the jacket type, but I think I'd be too self conscious to do a DR2010 in ox. Minor though the distinction between MDR and DR2010 might seem. Black I can swing.
Yeah I'd prefer a moto and DR 2010 but I'm locked into the oxblood MDR basically... so either black moto or black dr2010.This of course is assuming that my August moto order hasn't been completed, which... lol.
Debating switching my moto 2011 for a dr 2010. Is an MDR and DR 2010 (different colors) redundant?
Nice. How the Oxblood MDR? Did you go silver or gunmetal? I have one on order but am still a bit hesitant on it...
Any pics today?
It's kind of odd. My immediate reaction is to wonder whether they lost their normal leather supplier or something.But then probably its just a design decision. Do you guys really think the pebbled calf looks worse than smooth?
Personally, the dick jokes are the only thing that keep me coming back here.
I've e-mailed Charly like 5 times in the past few days to ask him to change my DR to pebbled foreskin but he hasn't responded yet. Should I message his SF handle?
That was a real confidence inspirer.
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