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Is that cafe racer cut just a 4 pocket board racer?
Wouldn't be right away. I'll be in town in the coming weeks...
I'm all over this. If I come into the Mississauga store, can I get fitted by you personally?
Rick, what would it cost to go MTM on that Navy hopsack sportcoat from the new factory and what would the turnaround time be?
I'm prepping to pull the trigger on some flannels on Tuesday. Any advice on the sizing of the slim cut trousers?
Rick, will you take MTM orders in the trousers too?
Oh I might have just been sold on an MTM suit/sportcoat by that new jacket model. What is the current starting MTM price for a suit or sportcoat? I would be able to get to the brick and mortar store for fitting...
What's the shoulder on these?
I Sized according to directions. Not trying to squeeze into anything.
Hm. Just received my heirloom shawl. I take a 36/small in virtually everything and my Heirloom feels really tight/snug through the shoulders and chest. Is this normal? Does it stretch significantly over time? Thinking I should have size up to a 38...
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