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Bringing this to the next page + saying thanks.Let us know how that works out and if Drew's partner gets back to you.
I'd rather at least explore the possibility of prying a refund out of him via legal pressure than destroy the dude's reputation and any prospect of me ever getting my money back or product.
I agree. Hence "might." Just saying it's possible.
No he might be right. I remember reading an article or post that made mention of him being born in Australia:
You're right. @dieworkwear are you willing to field this information from people who are interested via your e-mail address and to collate that information?@LA Guy, do you have any experience with this stuff on the forum?
OK then let's get on this.A lot of I don't knows at the moment. We basically need to gather a list of people who want to jump on this and get involved, with info on order dates, jacket ordered, and amount for each jacket. We'd also need someone who knows the internal structure of ToJ to weigh in on that.I can look into the timeline for when the order lead times changed, when the kickstarter was started, etc.
Word. Thanks for weighing in with what you know. Definitely lends weight to if not confirms everyone's worst fears. Much appreciated.So much for 80% of orders and most members completing their "TOJ outstandings."
Edited. I wasn't sure if you were suggesting that customers would never get their jackets or would not get them "in a timely manner" (i.e., whether that condition applied to the chargeback only or to your whole/earlier statement).And for what it's worth. We are LONG past "timely." I'm thinking about delivery PERIOD at this point.
Can you please say more? Are you suggesting that customers will never get their jackets or that they will not get them "in a timely mannerr?"
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