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This is helpful and all but is really only functioning to make me feel badly about my choices. Sooooo shh please.
Interesting. The fits posted here tend to be on the very slim t-shirt only side, which is maybe not what Vanson is used to patterning for? I wonder if the collar issue would disappear if the people posting here sized up one.
I figured as much. If I (ever) get my money back, I'm all over it.Don't really care whether I get a chargeback or I get my jacket. At this point I primarily care about being out of this situation as quickly as possible.
Yeah I noticed that too. Wondering if the leather just needs to break in and settle.
+1Vanson DR is more comparable to MDR, though.
Not sure if joking? He isn't with ToJ anymore.Whether or not he can be fully convinced to be a spy though....
I don't understand how Drew has not asked the person/people who left the shitty reviews on the Libertine FB page to take them down. There's like ten reviews on there calling Drew a liar and a thief and trying to dissuade people from going there. Does the dude just not care? Insane.
What did you tell them to convince them to actallly go through with it, and when was your original order date?
This, combined with numerous other personal problems, is surely the low point of my life to date.
Welp I called Visa and they had no problem with filing a dispute, though the CSR didn't seem to have any idea about the rules around time frame, etc. I guess I'll just see what happens in the next 60 days and if Drew delivers I'll call it off.
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