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Nobody is going cold because they don't have a leather jacket. If your only solution to being cold is to purchase an $800 leather jacket, you are an idiot.
His last update was actually accurate. He said some batches were going out. Those batches went out.
Well okay then. So who currently has Drew on instagram and is willing to coax him out for an update? I lost track of his instagram after the last name change.
I think I'm on 80 weeks now. Honestly I kind of want to hit 100.
Ah word. No way of knowing really. Best of luck getting it back.
You sent back the moto 2011 with the gunmetal zips?
Too late. Thanks for the insight though. Have to say I disagree about the cuts and patterning but I've never held one so can't speak to quality, etc.I'll let sinnedk and Uncontrol address the ad hominems.
On that note, does anyone have any experience with the Real McCoy vs. Buzz Rickson peacoat? Do they fit differently? From what I heard the BR is just a bit shorter. The lapels on the McCoy seem a little different as well.
Cool. Not interested in turning this into a ToJ discussion. Just was curious if you had a quality criticism, since 99% of what I hear is positive. Thanks.
Because you don't feel the quality warrants the price or because of all the current bullshit?
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