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I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but how long have you had your lamb DR for and how has it aged? Not in terms of how it looks really... but construction and materials-wise, has it held up well?One of the (many) things I find kind of lacking about this thread are long-term reviews. There's a lot of anticipation and then inevitably some gushing after receiving the jacket, but not much of a longer-term view from people that have had a TOJ for a while.
Except that every SA I've dealt with at Stollery's has been a rude cock. Last I was there they were selling Bedales for something like $600, which is laughable.
In that case, looking for a 250 or 245.
So GATs go by Mondosize then?
Can anyone provide some sizing advice for me? AE 5 last: 6E Trubalance/Barrie last: 6D Clarks DB: 6 Sneakers/sperrys: between 6.5 and 7
Does it get better or worse after the first one?
This is pretty much exactly my thought process. I'm like 8 hours away from ordering a calf MDR to go with my lamb CM.
Eh... isn't the whole mentality here no brown shoes with black leather jacket, etc? At any rate I wear mostly earth tones I guess? I feel my wardrobe isn't exactly suited to black leather.Wisith/wj4's burgundy FQHH MDR is swinging me toward the oxblood, though... not sure whether to go for silver or gunmetal hardware if I go down that path.
I'm still waiting on a brown lamb collared moto (first order). Had initially figured that would be my sole order, but now considering picking up an MDR too. If so, it would either be black calf or oxblood calf. I don't wear much/any black, so hesitant about fitting the black into my wardrobe. Probably a oxblood then?
Looks like you seriously mis-sized the sleeves. How'd you do that?
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