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This is so creepy but so great.
TL;DR to this thread - orders are super backed up. You'll get your order some time in the next year. Probably.
Were it not for the wait time, you'd be wearing a croptop leather right now.
Whoa. Did you get tracking? 8/26/13 moto order here.
Word. I think Drew has also said that for people around 5'5-5'6, the optimal front length will be around 20 for a full leather without ribbing and 21 for a leather with ribbing (so TOJ0/MA-1 might fit here too).
Also Drew has talked about it here before, but height isn't necessarily a perfect indicator of torso length and upper v. lower body proportions.I do trust Charly's recs... just wanted to see if others had lengths approaching mine.
Any smaller dudes in this thread? I'm 5'3" and am getting paranoid about my front/back length being too short. Does 19.7/21.7 sound about right?
This thread.Unfortunately.
There's some knowledge somewhere in this thread about calf v. lamb for the BCDR. Apparently one doesn't form the fold over/flap lapel as well. I don't remember which though.Potsnu has a sick suede BCDR though....
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