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http://dieworkwear.com/post/118208065274/its-from-mandelli@dieworkwear will not be happy that I linked this, but you're welcome.
Drew makes pies now?Edit: Brb, gonna go check the mail. Maybe there will be a package from Korea there.Edit 2: NOPE
Assuming you can even get a hold of him.Honestly at this point, I'm out. I just want my money back and if Drew isn't going to send it back, here's hoping Visa will approve a chargeback.
I'm not excusing any of that. I think the guy is an asshole at this point and his willful ignorance of his customers is inexcusable. I'm just saying that I'm sure that when he was closing up shop, he wasn't thinking it was going to take 2+ years to get the orders outs.
Don't understand what you mean by that...?
I think the bolded was true but I don't think this was "planned." I don't even think it was malicious. I think the dude just horribly mismanaged his shit and got in over his head and now he can't figure out or isn't willing to put the work into getting out.
How's the attempt to sell your spot going for you?
Pretty sure the issue isn't the deodorant aspect but the antiperspirant. Stop using antiperspirant. It's going to fuck your clothing up and give you cancer.
That is phenomenally weird. Thank god I don't live in Arizona.
lolwut? Explain how this works. Are you wearing your jacket shirtless these days? Alpha move.
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