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Dbear bro you make a moto look sick. Convinced me to switch from the CM to the 2011.
Didn't you order, like, one of every model? What could you even change it to...
If you guys were going to knowingly steal $100k+ from several people all over the world none of which you know, would you still make your whereabouts publicly known, open a restaurant that everybody knows about, have a linkedin/social media/etc? Some of the conspiracy theories on here are outrageous. Edit: Unless, of course, Drew, Charly, Dan, et al are all Kung Fu masters.
I honestly just laugh and laugh when I read this thread. Do you guys think any other google doc spreadsheet in the history of time has set off as big an uproar as that one?
Would you say that Drew' behavior has been... impolyt?
Eeeeaaaaaaasy there.
I haven't looked forward to a speech this much since we killed OBL.
Everybody missed the awesome Dbear joke from a page back
This was definitely a joke.
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