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About a month ago I think. Last month Drew also posted:"In more important news, got a lot of healthy developments that are gonna bring the orders to completion asap and then bloom the next generation of TOJ. The pace of production is picking back up again and there is more to look forward to now. Appreciate your patience and apologize for the delays, gonna try catch up with that with the next rounds of orders and grab some pace."So I'm hoping that we're all in for a great...
Pantone's color of the year for 2015 is "marsala." Should I take that as a cosmic sign that I will get my oxblood DR in 2015?
Last night I had a dream that I was Drew's defense attorney and he was cooking burgers in prison. Uh oh. To be fair though, the burger he was making looked delicious.
Are you kidding? That's hilarious.
Pretty similar attitude here but at 60+ weeks. All I want is for Drew to come in here and explain why there has been a crazy delay.
I'm still optimistic, but if we reach the end of Dec without any sort of serious movement I'm going to start really losing faith.
Anybody hear anything about motos being shipped in the near future?
31 more days before 2015. Those 2013 going strong into year 3.
Just end it all.
So what do you guys reckon comes first: your jacket are Star Wars 7?
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