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High seeann. How tall are you if I might ask? And where does this fall, length-wise?
Sold! Sorry guys.
Drop to 130. Absolute last drop before these go on Ebay.
Waist = 14 Rise = 9.5 from top of waistband Inseam = 34 Knee = 7 Leg = 6
To tight in the legs. Drop to $140.
Old tag bro. The newest seasons tag actually says "Jean Droit Etroit" and only has one secondary dangly tag instead of two. As far as I've seen, there have been a few different tags over the seasons.
If anyone is interested, I'm selling a pair of (new) PS in size 26 on B&S. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=226030
Selling a brand new pair of APC PS in size 26. Bought them, wore them once inside, and decided that the fit/size just isn't going to work for me. Tags are gone, but I'll send it with the "denim washing guide" and the receipt if you want more proof as to when they were bought. They are still rigid, unwashed, unfaded, unhemmed, relatively unworn. I bought them for 190 with NY tax. You can have them for 150 shipped.
Quote: Originally Posted by Qudi No? He paid $70+shipping. Correct, which was $80 with cross-border fees. These are sold now though. Be good kids.
Previous buyer ducked out. These are back up. $75 shipped CONUS.
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