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Hey there, I'm 5'2", 120lbs and wear RL boys' often. Depending on the piece, sometimes I'm a 14, sometimes a 16, sometimes an M, sometimes an L. I suggest you generally order two sizes to see which fits best. I imagine 20/XL and probably 18 will be too big for you though.
Somet is what you want. 003 = straight leg. Sold at Blue in Green Soho.
Looking to pick up a pair of Park Ave and a pair of Fifth Aves in the coming weeks. Should I go Shoe Bank, allaboutshoes, or wait for a post Christmas sale? Looking for the cheapest option here.
Hi all, Just checking interest in these before I put them on Ebay or take pictures and all that. Have the following four shoes available for sale (all prices negotiable, PM me). Checking with Canadians first, as I am located there and it is easier to deal with shipping, etc: Alden 403 Indy Boot (6E) - worn for two years, beat up Allen Edmonds Park Ave Black (6.5E) - great condition, worn 2-3 months Allen Edmonds Fifth Ave Black (6.5E) - great condition, worn 2-3...
Sounds like sizing down to a 32 is the right call for me then.
When you guys take TTS/size down one, are you talking in relation to your suit size or your true chest measurement? I measure a 35-36" chest, and take a 34s suit. Ordered a 32 Bedale from NRO... Wondering if I maybe should have gone for a 34 instead. Not planning on wearing over more than one or two layers though.
403. Happy to talk more if you still want them.
I already know that I bought a size too wide (6E; should have gone 6D I think), and there is definitely heel slippage. I'm planning on selling them and buying another pair, but I'm a bit worried that my problem will not be solved by going to a 6D or C. Given that Alden does not make a 5.5, I might just be shit out of luck.To be fair, I have a pair of Alden #8 LWBs in 6D (Barrie) and they fit pretty snug.Any insights?
For Indy boot owners: where do your/big toe end in relation to the white stitching on the Indy boot? Mine hit right at the beginning/bottom of the white stitching and I'm worried I should have gone down another size.
"Recitations" of history are not unladen with value judgments and "primitive" by Western European (read: white) standards is one of them.Also, there is now broad scholarly consensus that the "caucasian race" hypothesis of ancient Egypt is false. Actually, I'm pretty sure that's eugenics era nonsense.
New Posts  All Forums: