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So it seems like the agreed upon way to waterproof 403/405s is Snoseal. But, as a new owner, how should I be treating and taking care of these on a regular basis? Meaning what kind of leather conditioner/cleaner, how often to polish, etc.?
Hello all. I have an odd issue. I just received a pair of brown fifth avenues in size 6.5E. I noticed that they are significantly wider than my black park ave and walnut mcallisters in the exact same size. For example, the laces close all the way on this pair and the right shoe in particular is very roomy (some heel slippage). What could account for this? Is there any way to fix it?
Just received my brown fifth avenues. Perfect condition. One odd thing though, that is probably not the seller's fault. I noticed that they are significantly wider than my black park ave and walnut mcallisters (al 6.5E). What could account for this?
Just purchased my first pair of 403 Indy boots (Chromexcel). What is the agreed method for treating and weather/water-proofing these? The sales associate told me mink oil. Is snoseal or obenauf's preferable?
Brian, any measurements on these? At least point out the ones that are 3" or slimmer?
You gotta be fucking kidding me. I missed out on the AE Cambridge Wingtips.
In particular, i am looking or something brown on the 5 last.
Some great advice here. I'm thinking I'll go with the Prince of Wales in mid-grey and perhaps hold off on the herringbone until the winter... maybe in a darker grey or a tweed. Pretty unanimous vote for PoW here.
Great responses. So I am basically between the following two options: The first herringbone here: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_n-lCcZxYYQ...RRINGBONES.jpg And the first POW here: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_n-lCcZxYYQ...e-of-Wales.jpg The only reservation I have about the POW is that I am quite short... so I would think the herringbone stripes would help to elongate my body, while the POW would make me look stockier. Both would be suitable 2-3 season options though,...
It is for work, in a relatively conservative (though not CBD/law) work environment. I also know for certain that I do not want pin stripes. I know that I will not need a black, and figure brown would be a bit off for the summer season.... hence the light to mid grey. I'm really just torn between going plain (no pattern), herringbone, or check. So the herringbone weave will not be too flashy on a lighter grey?
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