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Looking for a pair of Ray-Ban Clubmasters (either I or II) in tortoiseshell or Havana, in the smaller of the two sizes. Thanks!
One more bump.
Looking to buy a tan/walnut dress belt between 1-1.25". Length does not particularly matter as long as it is adjustable down to a 30-32 size.
Bumping to double check here.
Looking for a pair of Moscot Lemtosh or Tart Arnel frames in tortoise/dark tortoise in size small.
Looking for a J. Crew classic leather plaque belt. Preferably small but ultimately size doesn't matter that much. In brown.
When is the AE sale exactly? Starting Monday?
Hey guys, I'm looking for a dress belt to match a pair of Allen Edmonds McAllisters in Walnut. I don't feel like dropping 100 on one of the AE belts, but I can't find an alternative in my waist size (30). Any suggestions?
Hi all, I'm looking for a belt to match my Allen Edmonds Walnut McAllisters. I usually take a size 30 in belts (true 29 waist). Anyone? Best, Matt
Two questions on Allen Edmonds shoes before I pull the trigger here: 1. AE mcallisters in walnut for 240. Is this a good deal or can I get them cheaper new? 2. This will be my second pair of shoes for my second suit. I already own a charcoal suit and black park aves. I am buyimg a navy suit soon and need a brown/tan pair. really like the walnut mcallisters but also have the option of brown strands. Can I make the walnut mcallisters work or are the brown strands safer?
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