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Word. Thanks for weighing in with what you know. Definitely lends weight to if not confirms everyone's worst fears. Much appreciated.So much for 80% of orders and most members completing their "TOJ outstandings."
Edited. I wasn't sure if you were suggesting that customers would never get their jackets or would not get them "in a timely manner" (i.e., whether that condition applied to the chargeback only or to your whole/earlier statement).And for what it's worth. We are LONG past "timely." I'm thinking about delivery PERIOD at this point.
Can you please say more? Are you suggesting that customers will never get their jackets or that they will not get them "in a timely mannerr?"
Cool it, bro.Let's constructively pursue the three things we currently have on the table1) DieWorkwear's lawyer idea.2) Seeing if Drew's business partner has any pull.3) The progress of chargebacks for those who are in the process of pursuing them.
Yo Gruff,I think you have good intentions but you come off as really combative against other posters and this in turn fuels a lot bickering in the thread. Can we kill the argument here?
I think there are a few lawyers and SK citizens in this thread, whom I assume would be the ones to have such contacts. @Kid Nickels any idea how we would go about finding a legal contact for this? Don't suppose you know any SK lawyers?
Good on you. Thanks.Re: the bolded... I've been thinking this for a while but we basically need to keep Drew "on a leash" at this point (i.e., regular updates at specific intervals with some sort of AMA type setup built in).
It's fine dude. I appreciate you taking the time to give whatever legal advice you can. The thread has just degenerated into nonstop bickering over the past five days or so and I feel like it's not exactly constructive.
I don't know. A new poster with 1 post called "TOJWatch" posts a snippet of information that we didn't previously have. Just wondering if there might eventually be more to it than that. It's better than watching KidNickels and Gruff fight about swimming pools for three pages.And does anyone here actually have Drew friended on Facebook? I don't, and I imagine if we did we wouldn't be posting to the Libertine wall...?
I brought this up earlier but it got ignored. Apparently some new anonymous poster has access to Drew's FB updates and other such crap and is going to post them in this thread. Maybe has some inside information. This seems like it could be promising. Certainly more promising than the petty fighting going on in here over the past few days.
New Posts  All Forums: