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At this point I'm just looking forward to the @mrchariybrown exposé.
Paging @impolyt_one for an update.
Yep still 13% sales tax.
Dude. Shut the fuck up.
Nothing can top the shame of being involved in this for the past 90 weeks. Having to deflect questions from my girlfriend and friends when they ask about "that custom leather jacket" I bought over a year ago.NO SHAME
Pretty much. I basically feel like a sucker. Especially considering I could have copped a custom Vanson for $100 more at this point.
I mean I'm still going to wear it assuming it fits.
Figured that much but wanted to know if it was still possible for anyone else.
Has anybody filed a successful chargeback recently? I'm at 90 weeks and out of patience.
He posted a second photo in which the pockets are fine and said they were completely aligned. Probably the fabric was pulled oddly in that first one.
New Posts  All Forums: