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Is this like a Trojan horse question?
Truth. But he hasn't taken either of those stances publicly I think.
Are we pretty sure that Dan is no longer working for TOJ at this point? I hadn't heard that floated before... but it seems from Drew's recent updates that he is doing all of the shipping, etc.I don't really buy the shit about Drew diverting TOJ funds into the restaurant, but I can imagine that he is now the only person doing the work in SK and really, truly, does not have time to do two 10+ hour/day jobs.
My best guess is that TOJ staff (Charly and Dan) get a cut of every TOJ jacket order that comes in. So if all the orders finished up back in June 2014, theoretically staff wouldn't be paid thereafter. But obviously the work is not even close to being done... for whatever reason.Just personal speculation though.
There are no tailors in Manhattan.
To be fair to TOJ, Drew's last update has pretty much panned out: we saw at least one moto, A2, MDR, CWU ship out this week... many of them from August order dates. So things are moving ahead.
Message @akangHe's from NYC and had this same alteration done to his MDR cuffs.
This is so creepy but so great.
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