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That's oxblood, not whiskey fyi. Maybe you know that though and are just commenting about the material.
Well I figure with the bomber you can layer a sweater under and get some use out of in Winter. CM/MDR are basically fall and spring it seems.
I guess they are different... but not to the extent that the A-2 and MDR would be. I think what I meant by this is that the A-2 is wearable for more seasons than the CM, whereas the CM and MDR are pretty much synonymous in the way/season that you wear them.
Q: Redundant to have both a CM (lamb) and MDR (calf)? I'm debating switching the CM to an A-2 but kind of conflicted...
I've read this explanation before. Its something about achieving symmetry with the pockets and contrast with the suede patch.Who the fuck cares? It's a 2 inch difference in leather.
I'm sure this has been asked a million times, but how long have you had your lamb DR for and how has it aged? Not in terms of how it looks really... but construction and materials-wise, has it held up well?One of the (many) things I find kind of lacking about this thread are long-term reviews. There's a lot of anticipation and then inevitably some gushing after receiving the jacket, but not much of a longer-term view from people that have had a TOJ for a while.
Except that every SA I've dealt with at Stollery's has been a rude cock. Last I was there they were selling Bedales for something like $600, which is laughable.
In that case, looking for a 250 or 245.
So GATs go by Mondosize then?
Can anyone provide some sizing advice for me? AE 5 last: 6E Trubalance/Barrie last: 6D Clarks DB: 6 Sneakers/sperrys: between 6.5 and 7
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