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That is phenomenally weird. Thank god I don't live in Arizona.
lolwut? Explain how this works. Are you wearing your jacket shirtless these days? Alpha move.
Aw yeah. How's that shit aging? Got any recent pics? Thoughts on the lamb? Wish you had gone calf? etc.
@masshi and Distorbiant are the greatest things to come out of this thread since 2013.And let us not forget @Cole, who actually received his July DR and promptly gtfo.
Edit: alright nevermind. Just trying to get away from the bickering.
Laughed so fucking hard at this. Can't bold enough.
Ironically I ordered a pair of Daytons in Jan 2015... a full year after my second ToJ order and ~16 months after my first... and they just shipped.How the tables have turned.
Isn't the only fit difference between the Daredevil and Junya that the shoulders were scaled back 2"? Judging by diniro's fit pics of both, it stands to reason that the narrow shoulders/upper back are pulling the collar away from the neck.That's not so much a patterning problem as it is people sizing too small for the cut, I'm guessing.
This is helpful and all but is really only functioning to make me feel badly about my choices. Sooooo shh please.
Interesting. The fits posted here tend to be on the very slim t-shirt only side, which is maybe not what Vanson is used to patterning for? I wonder if the collar issue would disappear if the people posting here sized up one.
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