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Yes. I suppose I should do this.Also does 19.9" body length and 21.5" sleeve length for someone 5'3" sound about right to you guys?
Hi all, In the process of ordering a TOJ Collared Moto. I don't have a similar jacket to compare measurements to those Charly has given me. Will an oxford button down shirt or suit (both MTM/bespoke) be an okay piece of clothing to compare measurements? Example: I was quoted a 15.5" shoulder measurement based on the body measurement I gave (15"). When I measure my oxfords/shirts from seam to seam (the front seam of the yoke where it meats the sleeve), they measure 15.5"....
Time for a faceshape question. I've got an "inverted triangle" shaped face, pretty close to Ryan Gosling if any celebrity. What sort of frames/shapes should I be going for? I feel like I read conflicting information everywhere. I'm between two pairs of BPs right now: Banks and Gilbert. But I'm open to alternatives. Thoughts?
Anyone know approximately how much it would cost to convert a pair of glasses into sunglasses? Just switching the lenses out right?
Will we have a final few days/week warning on the end of MTM? Or will it just be an abrupt cut off.
Anybody know of a source for Barton Perreira eyeglasses cheaper than retail? All I know of is Ebay... Alternatively, anyone have any suggestions for frames similar to the Banks model? Looks a bit like a slimmed down Tart Arnel? http://bartonperreira.com/images/BAN_CHE_SIL_SAT_ERN6832ds.jpg
Need a little advice here: I commissioned several bespoke pieces (suit, SC, shirts) from Peter Lee a few months ago while I was in Hong Kong. During this time, we dialed in my fit pretty well. I have since then ordered shirts over the phone and had them shipped abroad to the US and they have been satisfactory. I would like to purchase a new sport coat. Can I be reasonably sure that the MTM SC will turn out as well as the garments I ordered when I was in HK?
Have any of you purchased the Bean Waxed Canvas boots in Marsh Brown? I just received a pair and the color looks significantly different from that of the website... more an olive color. Wondering if they sent me the wrong pair. Anyone?
Fair criticism and sound advice. Impolyt_one, you really are running a one-of-a-kind operation. Can't wait to order from you.
Since I spurred this debate (which is a good one)... I think for me its a personal thing. I've got a pretty small frame (5'2", thin) and feel like tons of hardware on a jacket tends to overwhelm me. I imagine the aesthetic simplicity of the UMDR would be more flattering on me.
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