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This is the correct sentiment. If the CT RTW shirts fit or require just a bit of hemming (which would be something like 5x$20=$100), then so much the better. If not, I'm perfectly comfortable with spending $100-125 per shirt if the fit is perfect and the quality is good. Being difficult to fit, I have come to terms with the fact that there aren't many cheap/discount options available to me, so I might as well aim for quality.And Dr. Teatime: you got it.
Hm. Well, I am actually looking for something of a transition bag from my current canvas messenger, so a crafty briefcase I think will fit the bill. They are also really simple flap-over designs with straps, which I quite like. I am really just looking for a commentary on quality and durability for the price... if not aesthetic as well. Anyone?
Apologies for going AWOL for a few hours. Thanks very much for the very excellent suggestions, guys. I will certainly go to Charles Tyrwhitt later this week and give their 14.5/29 RTWs a shot, though I am skeptical that the length and yoke will be spot-on. I will let you all know how that turns out. Failing that, both Mr. Hemrajani and CEGO seem like great options without the margin of error that is involved with self-measure. I think I can pony up $125 per shirt at CEGO....
Anyone have any experience with Custom Hide? I am debating getting one. Alternatively if you have any suggestions for leather, made in the USA briefcases for under 400, I'm all ears.
Hello all, I am about to enter the world of business formal and, while I am good on suits and shoes (3 of each, respectively) I am going to need to make a fairly big purchase on shirts in the next two months. I have two decent ones already and am thinking I need maybe 4-5 more to start. I do not really to spend more than 500 and RTW is (mostly) not an option because I am very short and slim (5'3"). That leaves a few options: 1) Online MTM ala MyTailor (where I have...
Hello, Up for sale is a brand new pair of Unbranded UB101 Skinny Fit jeans in Indigo. Worn only once or twice around the house and the tags are still on. I bought them Blue Owl Workshop about a week ago, but the fit/styling didn't work for me and I cannot return them. Measurements from Blue Owl: 29" waist, 9.5" rise, 10.5" thigh, 7.6" knee, 36" inseam, 7" leg opening Paid $88 total and just looking to get back most of that. $70 60 shipped or handed off in NYC. Thanks!
What are the length measurements on these?
Hello all. I am built quite small and am looking for silk ties that err on the short, slim side. I am thinking around 50-53" in length and 2.5-3" in width. I currently buy boys ties from Hickey Freeman (50"x2.75") and they have served me well, but they run $75 a pop and I am looking for a more economical option. Boys ties acceptable. Thanks very much.
Hi all, I'm looking to have a blazer made to measure soon and am looking for some brass blazer buttons to put in it. I kind of want something animal based and am particularly taken to ducks/mallards or a foxes (like: http://www.sirjacks.com/products/Benson-%26-Clegg-Fox-Mask-Button-Set.html). That said, I'm open to what you've got. Let me know. Thanks, Matt
Am I crazy, or have they changed the measurements on the PS in the past year? I could have sworn the rise was lower last year.
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