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I'll second this. Very few plain White/Light Blue options lower than the $100 mark. Any chance you can offer some?
Are these still for sale?
Hey all I need a suggestion. I own a pair of APC PS by find the cut of the legs to be a little too tight for my liking (too much tapering as well). However, the rise is perfect on me. Can anyone suggest a pair with a similarly very low rise but with a wider, straighter leg?
Thanks for the input. This actually helps me a lot.I think my thing is that my PS fit as they are now, but not the way I would like them to be. Essentially I am looking for a straighter leg with less taper, but I like the top block measurements on the PS better than NS. I think taking them out by the selvage will help.Any chance you live in NYC? If so what tailor did you take them to?
So here's an odd question. I've been wearing a pair of PS for about six months now, have not washed them yet. The waist and thighs fit pretty well but the taper below the knee is still too tight for comfort/wearing with boots/etc. Can I take these to a tailor and have him let them out just a bit below the knee? Anyone have any experience with this?
It is indeed the dark burgundy one (Alden Indy 403).So I should not worry too much about darkening the leather with Obenaufs? It should stay about the same shade?
Does anyone have any experience using Obenauf's LP on a pair of Alden 403s (the Chromexcel). How much does it darken them? I need to weatherproof them but am concerned about losing the color.
Does anyone have any advice on water/weatherproofing Alden 403s without darkening them? I am hesitant to use Obenaufs or Sno-seal because I have heard how much it darkens the leather, and I like the color as is.
Great. Does sno-seal darken the leather moreso than mink oil? I feel like Obenaufs would probably darken it the most.
Can anyone help here?
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