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I would accept any solution that gets me my money back or gets me what I ordered or some combination of those two things.
Agree that it's almost too surreal to be true.
No, I agree with you. I'm just worried that we've already lost a few of the "gentler" options.I might be free tomorrow. I'll send you an e-mail in the morning if I am. Are you looking for anyone, even if no Korean or Japanese language skills?
You're the one who has been in contact with them... you're still skeptical?
If this Libertine stuff is true, I'm worried it's too late for slow, increasing pressure now.
Drew... fled the country!?
Just give him a day to respond. Dude potentially just got fired.
I'm going to get chewed out for this but I really think y'all should chill and let Drew respond before going forward with the "nuclear option" and talking to the press. Keep in mind, this shit BLEW UP in less than 24 hours. It has not been that long.
Brad you live in MTL? Whereabouts? You native Quebec? I used to live there.
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