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I brought this up earlier but it got ignored. Apparently some new anonymous poster has access to Drew's FB updates and other such crap and is going to post them in this thread. Maybe has some inside information. This seems like it could be promising. Certainly more promising than the petty fighting going on in here over the past few days.
It's a great looking jacket. Probably the best moto I've seen. The zip angles are perfect.
I think you've confused the order of causality here.
Let us know how this works out please. Have just started my own CC dispute.
I agree with this more or less, but if the dude offers a morsel of information, I don't see the harm in asking him if he's comfortable offering up more. If he's not, he doesn't have to answer.Knowing more about the situation is helpful insofar as it informs the actions we can take and options available. E.g., Charly basically just ruled out the nicelynice plan, which we had spent 3+ pages discussing.
I've been guessing what the fuck is up with ToJ and my orders for almost 2 years now. I don't want to guess anymore. I want answers.
Order tracking system is a mess or shit just not getting done?
This got ignored.Who is this guy?
Distorbiant just playing Detective McGruff like a fiddle.
@nicelynice post your suggestion to the Libertine wall! I'm sure they'll be receptive!
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