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Today has been a really crazy day here. And I think everyone should take a step back and consider the gravity of what just happened.
Things getting way out of hand on the TOJ thread.
Twist: Dan's been rerouting the packages to Charly this whole time and Drew has no idea!
I'd welcome a Charly tell-all, but the dude has done minimal if no wrong in my eyes. He "enabled it" no more than anyone in this thread did and I imagine he quit when he realized it was all bullshit.I welcome a Charly disclosure only insofar as the information would shape what sort of action we can take.
Well in that case... @bentobox I know you aren't active here anymore, but do you have any insight on this? Edit: Oh wait... is bentobox just Dan? Nevermind.
Did AMEX reject a chargeback request that you put in?
Awesome. Have a CC dispute open but will open a PP dispute tomorrow to add my name to their list.
Bumping this
Whoever "Drew Liar" is on the Libertine page, I would suggest not writing about "former employees at ToJ" and pulling Charly into this any more than he wants to be pulled in. You should edit that unless he gives you permission otherwise.
You're just too nice to ever understand.
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