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If it fits, you got a decent suit and a great status symbol item. Just flash the inner pocket-tag at parties and watch the panties melt. That's a worthy $2,750 investment.
What the fuck?
Just thought I'd give an update. Went to CT the other day and tried on a 14.5 in their Tailored fit, but it was much too big in the shoulders and would probably cost me around $50 for alterations. I have also taken everyone's advice here and have decided to go with CEGO instead of MyTailor. I will be setting up an appointment with Mr. Gold in the coming weeks and he will soon be $500 richer. Thanks very much for your advice, gents.
Drop to $60 shipped. Last drop before these go to Ebay.
How do these fit? Compared to other shoes (Allen Edmonds Park Ave, Alden Indy, etc.)?
Well, I've just set an appointed with MyTailor/Hemrajani for this Friday, so I might just be able to get the trial and then a few more by the end of May. Before I go through with the MyTailor trial (still going to try out Tyrwhitt this Thursday), any final words on CEGO instead of MyTailor? Is the quality/service/price any better?
Price drop to $65 shipped.
I do live in NYC. Those shirts may fit in the neck and body (maybe), but I doubt they will fit in the yoke/shoulders and will be too long anyways. I am skeptical, but along with Charles Tyrwhitt, I will give Daffy's a shot.
Wow. That is impressive. I was thinking I would go see Mr. Hemrajani this week (as he is in NYC until Friday), but perhaps I should just go with CEGO? Anyone else care to weigh on MyTailor vs. CEGO?And I hope you guys find the edited threat title slightly more acceptable.
This is the correct sentiment. If the CT RTW shirts fit or require just a bit of hemming (which would be something like 5x$20=$100), then so much the better. If not, I'm perfectly comfortable with spending $100-125 per shirt if the fit is perfect and the quality is good. Being difficult to fit, I have come to terms with the fact that there aren't many cheap/discount options available to me, so I might as well aim for quality.And Dr. Teatime: you got it.
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