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Yup. Gonna see how/if Drew responds to the latest outrage and then think about pursuing a PayPal case/chargeback
Charly, you probably don't want to comment but going to ask anyways... any thoughts on the odds of us getting our orders eventually?
People have been positing that for about a year now.Edit: the first part at least.
At this point I think Drew needs to do like a regular, weekly, one hour AMA on this thread in which he fields customers' questions. I can't see anything else restoring goodwill between customer and business, barring a mass shipment of jackets.
He was still "currently viewing" for a while after that post, so I think it is reasonable that he saw the first 3 or so responses before he bounced. It's also 4AM in Korea so who knows, maybe he'll followup tomorrow.But yeah that basically gets to the heart of the issue. There is no means of addressing or communicating with Drew or the ToJ enterprise generally these days. Hence the Libertine outrage and then we're back in the cycle.
Is that yes then? If so to which "bet."
Corrected. The bet was just for housecleaning.Must have been projecting.
Is @B0Bs4g3t making good on that bet yet?
Theoretically is the key there. I am not blind to the fact that the ToJ saga has pretty much defied rationalization.
I'm not defending anyone; just explaining that building and flipping a restaurant is normal and is not indicative that there is any sort of cash flow problem or business failing there.
New Posts  All Forums: