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Yeah you guys don't have Drew on SnapChat? Hit him up he's always around. His handle is "BeamersBaconBitches."
ok i just talked to drew on snapchat and he said there are 211 jackets left and 59 would be done next monthhe told me to pass it on
Seriously. I'm not going to post up pictures of my jackets when I get them. Plus consider that there are countless lurkers, SuFu members, HypeBeast members, Reddit MFAers, or just plebes who don't post on StyFo but might have ordered a jacket. That spreadsheet might only be like 50% of jacket orders.So you can't really say "2 jackets a week."
Out of curiosity, what ever happened to the SuperFuture ToJ thread?
Every trip to the mailbox disappoints. Six out of my seven living days are a disappointment.
its an mdr
How tall are you?
They must have a crazy amount of July orders.
New Posts  All Forums: