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Hm... how are those for tucking into the pockets, etc. on breast zip. I know you can do it with the silver...
Hey do the gunmetal zips use ball and chain pulls like the silver or are they still ball and staff?
Weren't we supposed to enter all the jackets we wished we had?
Looks like TOJ0s and July DRs going out.
What did you order that you reckon is being shipped?
TOJ0 or...?
Maybe Drew is just waiting until Christmas so Santa can deliver them and he doesn't have to pay EMS.
Didn't Drew say last time they were letting some of the batching go ahead by several months? If that is the case, not hard to believe that both a July and Sept order would ship at the same time in "two months" or so.Y'all got some short memories.
I think most of us missed this sick pic. LA, do you have a full picture? Is it a moto?
Dunno dudes. I feel pretty uncomfortable discussing and speculating on a member's personal/business financial situation, the IRS, and "selling his assets" when we have no proof of any of this and he isn't here to defend himself (which is, obviously, part of the problem).
New Posts  All Forums: