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Anybody know if these guys are legit or shady? http://optixnewyork.com/
Yeah I don't know what rubber calf is. Just saying they're both basically MDRs in ox.
http://www.bottegaveneta.com/us/coat-or-jacket_cod41453101sx.html Basically TOJ oxblood MDR? That and the 2012 Balmain: http://cdn.styleforum.net/c/c3/c3c04c5c_7_T24520C301118.jpeg Whatever I'll never get mine anyways.
I'm honestly just sad at this point.
Gonna be that noob. I've been wearing a pair of PS in size 27 for like 3 years now. Looking to buy a new pair or maybe switch to NC. Can anyone give me the quick low down on the difference? Is the rise lower on NC? Leg wider? Should I take the same size?
What did you end up settling on?
I had both and came up with ~19.5" both times.Honestly its tough to say without seeing your body. You could really have a short torso or a high rise or a stooped posture or something and maybe 18" is accurate. Can you get someone else to take a picture of you while like holding a tape measure or something?
I guess if that's really where you wear your pants, okay. I imagine it will look something like this acne jacket: http://www.acnestudios.com/shop/men/outerwear/gibson-black.html.For reference, I'm a little under 5'3" and same weight as you and my submitted body measurements were:- shoulders: 15.5- chest: 35.5- mid: 28- waist: 32- front: 19.5- bicep: 12.5
Sleeve seems fine but I'm thinking an 18" front length is going to be ridiculous. I'm 5 inches shorter than you (same weight) and front length is 1.5-2" longer than yours. What are your full measurements?
I don't understand how he can have a 24+" sleeve and 18" front length. I'm like 21.5" sleeve and 19-20" front and I guarantee I'm shorter than him.
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