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Drew has explained the wait multiple times here. The wait is not crazy if his explanation/logic holds true (only two workshops, small staff, vacations whenever, shipment in batches to cut costs/time). But the lack of transparency wrt: what batches go out and when? Yeah that could be perceived as a problem.
edit: double post
You guys are out of your minds if you think TOJ staff are deleting posts or have admin rights. If that were true, all of nepats shitty fucking whiny posts would have been deleted long ago, not to mention woodyear's before him. The recurring cycle of panic---> post from drew/shipment---> calm---> panic---> etc. in this thread is tiring.
Anybody get tracking this week?
Did you guys get tracking before receiving the MA-1s?
How is the rise on the Connor slim fit pants? Low? High? Also anyone have experience on how the Connor fits vs. JCrew 484 chinos?
Ordered an oxblood MDR but now considering switching to black calf. Anyone with oxblood able to weigh in on it v. standard black? Undecided.
Great. Any estimate circa what month of orders?
as described. price negotiable. pm please
Where do we all stand on the olive/sylkoil v. sage/thornproof thing? Which one is the actual classic/traditional barbour, whice ages better, etc? also anyone know the price and turnaround time for a rewaxing these days?
New Posts  All Forums: