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When did Drew first announce shutdown? Late June? I'm assuming wait times will start to decrease a bit over the next few weeks/months as that initial panic order run gets dealt with.
So many people at 30 weeks now. Is this normal/expected or do we think something went wrong with production cycle?
Hah I'm not. I know the deal with the batches, etc. But I figure you can at least ballpark it in a 2 month range or so (e.g., you know when they hit August orders).
Order date?
Can confirm via SW that Navigators and Mariners are made in merino, not "melton." They also won't honor an exchange (custom order) despite my insistence.So instead I'll figure out a way to stiffen the collar a bit. Putting a "canvas" between the two layers like you suggested ia good idea. I'm also considering covering the back of the collar with a leather (goat, maybe calf; lamb probably too soft) like the TOJ or Bond BR peacoats. Think that would work to give the collar a...
Cool. I'm going to check out a leather supply place soon. Will let you know if/how the alteration goes.
Hm. Fair enough. Definitely the case with mine as well, though I just bought it and the collar is droopy. I'm hoping if I sew some leather into the back it'll add enough wait to stay up on its own. Otherwise not sure what to do. I guess we'll see.Edit: Weight, duh.
Question for those who own the ToJ Peacoat: what is the wool like? Is it stiff like Sterlingwear's 80/20 melton or is it a softer more pliable wool? I ask because I have a softer wool (merino) peacoat that drapes well, but is too soft for the collar to stand upright. I am debating sewing a piece of leather onto the back of the collar like the TOJ peacoat to add some firmness... but I'm not sure if the TOJ's wool is stiff enough to stand on its own, or if that is what the...
Just out of curiosity: has anyone removed the shoulder pads from their SW Authentic? To what success/effect?
Will do, thanks for your help. I assume that they have replaced the 24oz 100% melton with a 24oz 100% merino for their "finer" civilian offerings and that the 24oz melton is still available in the factory. If that is true, it is extremely annoying that they have not clarified that and I'm going to return the custom one and have them make me a proper peacoat.
New Posts  All Forums: