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Same thing, bro.@masshi did you get your jacket? Does it fit or did you get pwnd? WE MUST KNOW.
Kinda just sounds like he couldn't tell where to ship/who they belonged to because of the terrible order taking system and then just got "too busy" to deal with it for a year +.
No these are literally jackets being beamed down from the moon now.
Masshi did you pick up the moon leather? Be careful not to spill cookie crumbs on it.
Oh yeah that looks fine. I'd add an inch or two to body length and call it a day.
...moon leather? What the fuck? Grats anyways dude. Post a fit pic please.
Might just be the angle then. Looks like your belly is bigger than your shoulders from that angle.
I dunno. The fit looks off to me in general. I'd probably size up 1.
Just buy the fucking jacket. If I didn't have $800+ tied up in ToJ right now I'd be all over this.
New Posts  All Forums: