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I would be more miffed that Luxire made a snide post outside of a private conversation.
Yeah I have to say.. my brushed oxfords from S&M are the best I own and yet also the cheapest I own. I can't figure it out. The cloth really is killer.
^ Killer post.
Awesome. Please post them up when you get it. Did you go MTM or get it off the rack?
Does anyone have any pictures of the new navy hopsack camicia/3-r-2 blazer in action?
Please God Brembana Navy Chambray?
Sigh. Can you please just once put the Navy Chambray by Brembana on sale?
Is that cafe racer cut just a 4 pocket board racer?
Wouldn't be right away. I'll be in town in the coming weeks...
I'm all over this. If I come into the Mississauga store, can I get fitted by you personally?
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