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I didn't say anything at all about "fit adjustments." I said that the consistent adjustment of lead times (should have said increase) was an indication that they (or Charly or whoever) had no idea how long the orders would take to fulfill. I also said the lead times were misleading. That isn't really excusing anyone.Re: refunds, I'll remind you that I'm the one who called Drew out on this earlier and asked for a prompt solution. I also essentially asked "where are the...
OK. Nevermind I misunderstood SloppyJoes. 100% agreed that the lead times were misleading. Its clear they had no idea how long the orders would take given how often they adjusted the time upwards. Probably they gave out the 16-20 week lead time based on how things were progressing already (basically Nov 2013 being 16-20 after they started cracking into that huge wave of June shipments and started sending).
What? This doesn't make any sense. Lead times increased exponentially as orders/production progressed. May and early June orders had much shorter lead times than late June and early July orders. What about that does not make sense to you if indeed the majority of orders came during/after early June?
I'm skeptical, but if the majority of orders really did come in May-July, I guess it's possible. I'm sitting on an Aug 2013 Moto that is still not made and I find it hard to believe it's in the final 15%, or that 15% of the orders were made between August 2013 and May 2014. But hey who knows.
Oh. Got it. Thanks.
Okay so go ahead and make that "grey matter" post you were talking about earlier please.
Ok. Thank you for your response. I'll follow up on a). I have no skin in this as I have not requested a refund, but it comes up here almost daily and is a point of contention. Is there a solution to unfreezing the paypal in order to process refunds and, if so, any idea how long that could take?
He just said he doesn't run the Libertine Facebook page. If you ra a company's facebook page and got threatening posts about oe of your co-workers/bosses, you would probably delete too.
Drew, in addition to the "hold items," can you please address the following in your post, which I think get at most of the reasons people are angry on this forum: a) The status of refunds for those who requested them. b) Where ToJ is at in terms of production. It seems like most full leathers are still on August orders but MA-1s and ToJ0s are into 2014. Can we expect the pace to pick up? Is the pace as it was before the "freeze" in mid to end-2013? c) We now have no way...
I.... I almost don't believe it.
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