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When did they tease a shearling? I thought Drew said it would never happen several years ago.
I am, and they do.
Looks to me that you have long arms, and probably long legs that to match your wingspan. So your torso is probably relatively short. Even so I would go with AT LEAST 19" if not 20" based on that tape measure.
How tall are you that you went with a 21.3 front length?
Have a pair of very gently used 018s in size 27 that I might be looking to either sell or trade for a 008 or 018 in size 26...
Woodyear is that you?Seriously, though. I don't think anyone is defending their own theft here. An increasing number of people are pissed off and asking for refunds at this point. I'm losing faith that TOJ will deliver but still holding out hope.
What? TOJ makes HH, Goat, and Calf in addition to its "shitty ass lamb hides" (which high end designers use as well). So I'm not sure what you're going on about.Also where on Etsy or Reddit can you get somebody to custom make you a leather jacket? Even so, you think that it would cost less than $700 for an American leather worker to custom make you a full leather?Finally, nobody WANTS to be two years out and certainly nobody expected it. I'd say the TOJ name brand has lost...
Anybody know if these guys are legit or shady? http://optixnewyork.com/
Yeah I don't know what rubber calf is. Just saying they're both basically MDRs in ox.
http://www.bottegaveneta.com/us/coat-or-jacket_cod41453101sx.html Basically TOJ oxblood MDR? That and the 2012 Balmain: http://cdn.styleforum.net/c/c3/c3c04c5c_7_T24520C301118.jpeg Whatever I'll never get mine anyways.
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