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I'm just bumping this because it got lost at the bottom of the last page and I think it's one of the more reasonable/plausible things I've read in the past few pages.I'm a late August (+early Jan) order so I'm pretty chill with continuing to wait it out right now. It's shitty, but I think its clear that there isn't much more we can do than send a letter to Drew.
Alright so I need a little advice here but I don't have pictures. I had a Lee Baron suit made in Hong Kong a while ago with soft/natural shoulder (minimal padding). I realized later that they didn't do a great job of fitting the suit shoulder to my own, natural sloping shoulder, as there was some rumpling across the top of the shoulders near where my shoulders drop off (basically a divot at the top of the shoulders where the sleeve head meets the cap). So I brought it to...
I don't know what this means but I like it.
Was your most recent post about Salvatore Ambrosi inspired by the ToJ issue?
Xo.Re: the letter... there is basically no way for us to make Drew accountable at this point. We've discussed it ad nauseum and short of pulling a real douchebag move and, say, bad mouthing Libertine online, we can't do anything that will threaten his income sources or whatever. Best we can do is organize, write, and co-sign a letter asking for some basic decency.To KuDeTa, thanks for getting that started. I'll have some comments/additions later tonight.
If you come clean my house, do you promise to make that face of yours the whole time?
That's fine. Doesn't really explain not giving a fuck about paying your employees though.
This has been discussed endlessly here, and I fully see the possibility in that. Drew has denied it several times, but obviously he does not have enough good will at this point for us to take him at his word. As I said the main thing that gives me pause on the restaurant funds scenario is that Dan is involved and he appears to be disgruntled as well.
No idea, obviously. The only money-related thing I can imagine is that if ToJ is a US company, Drew got fucked with taxes/the IRS given recent crackdowns.I still don't buy the restaurant money funneling thing because supposedly Dan is a partner in that, and for that to be true one would have to assume Dan was in on it.
I just find it very difficult to believe that some dude who has built up 4 years of goodwill here is going to just up and say:1. Fuck it I don't care about this mountain of orders that is going on two years late now and that was placed in good faith for a decent chunk of change.2. Fuck these two guys I've been friends and co-workers with for several years now. I'm not paying them shit.Especially one that is opening new/other businesses and thus relies on employees and...
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