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If you look at RECENT DR orders with gunmetal zips, it looks like they basically phased out the two-way zip entirely. Not 100% positive on that, but check out the gallery.
I am beginning to suspect I will go another Christmas without my jacket. Sigh.
Consider the possibility that some asshole did a chargeback and now they are locked out of hteir paypal account.
Oh man that oxblood.
what's your hieght/weight?
Yeah I'll second a ban on that fuck.
I always thought shortening the sleeves on something like a TOJ, which has zips at the cuff, would be really difficult. I guess you could theoretically do so from the armhole... but then the taper might throw it off.Can't help you on the intarsia though.
No its a question of measurements. There is no way the lengths wouldn't be too long on any given size.
Drew sort of hinted at this in his recent update. But who knows? Sad to see MTM go; wouldn't be able to buy a TOJ otherwise. Oh well.
Couple photo updates on John Coppidge: http://johncoppidge.tumblr.com/ Replenishing old hides? Shopping for new hides? TOJ 2.0?
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