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Not sure if joking? He isn't with ToJ anymore.Whether or not he can be fully convinced to be a spy though....
I don't understand how Drew has not asked the person/people who left the shitty reviews on the Libertine FB page to take them down. There's like ten reviews on there calling Drew a liar and a thief and trying to dissuade people from going there. Does the dude just not care? Insane.
What did you tell them to convince them to actallly go through with it, and when was your original order date?
This, combined with numerous other personal problems, is surely the low point of my life to date.
Welp I called Visa and they had no problem with filing a dispute, though the CSR didn't seem to have any idea about the rules around time frame, etc. I guess I'll just see what happens in the next 60 days and if Drew delivers I'll call it off.
I think the absolute cut off rule is 540 days past the transaction and 120 days past the point you "realize there is a problem," no?My January 2014 order would still technically qualify, I think though my August 2013 order would not.
Yeah okay or he doesn't have the money to complete the orders or both.
It's pretty obvious that the ToJ database and storage is such a fucking mess that Drew would have no idea whose jackets are completed and thus who should be refunded. He's probably dodging the question because he doesn't want to refund people whose jackets have already been made.
I think it's clear at this point that PayPal is not going to refund anyone who sent money to Drew. You really think they are going to be more likely to refund multiple people who co-sign an e-mail at $800 a pop than a Visa or MasterCard is to refund a single customer with good credit?
If a bank account, yeah probably. But I'm trying to figure out how CCs are responding to this.I am sure that Drew is going to send everybody their shit eventually.I just want to extricate myself from this mess as quickly as possible. If I get my jacket before I get a chargeback or refund, then so be it. If vice versa, so be it.
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