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Is anybody else still waiting on Italy button downs?
Didn't mean to touch off a huge debate here about the merits of item sales v. bulk order sales. I just need to place a huge order of linen and tropical wool stuff before June so figured I'd ask.I'm one of the "price sensitive" Luxire buyers but I'm fine with the bulk approach. It would be nice to have some predictability wrt when the bulk sales (e.g., a spring/summer sale) are going to occur or to keep the bulk order discount at a constant level. I'm looking to sink in...
Nice! What fabric? Shoulder/canvas details?
@LuxireStudio Speaking of linen, will there be a linen sale this spring?
Has anybody else received shipping notification on the Italy shirts? Assuming he flannels are made in Italy.
Can Spier do a custom collar if we provide measurements?
I'm an EU 39 and UK6 in Rain works for me. You could be a 5.5 though depending on volume, etc.
Welcome back Ashish. Can we by any chance expect a linen sale in the next month or two?
We usually get a June/July summer sale and an early Spring linen sale.Would definitely kill for some light weight wools in the linen sale this year.
Can we expect a linen sale soon?
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