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On that note, does anyone have any experience with the Real McCoy vs. Buzz Rickson peacoat? Do they fit differently? From what I heard the BR is just a bit shorter. The lapels on the McCoy seem a little different as well.
Cool. Not interested in turning this into a ToJ discussion. Just was curious if you had a quality criticism, since 99% of what I hear is positive. Thanks.
Because you don't feel the quality warrants the price or because of all the current bullshit?
pics plz
Distorbiant you used to rage me to no end, but now I like you a lot. Stockholm syndrome maybe. Charly I'm going to guess you have way too much class to answer this question, but I'll try anyways: why AREN'T you guys getting paid?
Hey since we're already talking about sucking dicks in this thread, how about you suck mine?
Just buy a fucking spot bro. There are like 3 people selling right now, at least.
Those are car coats. Just buy a peacoat, dude.But if you must, I like the second minimalist one better.
The jacket you ordered is almost certainly the proper "Navy" Navy blue. Take it outside in the bright sunlight and look. You'll notice that it is just a dark, midnight navy, not black. If you order a Navy from Sterlingwear (e.g., the Authentic or the other 80/20 blends) this is what you will get, unless you order a 100% wool version (e.g., the Navigator) in which case the Navy will be lighter (different wool). But note that the 100% wool that Sterlingwear shills on its...
What's your order?
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