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Q: when we say patterning what do we mean? Is it like a scalable formula for determining garment measurements?
This over and over again. I was shocked when I found out Cole or whoever was like 17 and buying a DR2010. Now I'm realizing its way more frequent for
Just watched this for the first time. So funny. Anyone have the original smashwindow post?
Imagine trying to explain this shit to somebody from North Korea? "Yeah I'm outraged because the $800 leather jacket I ordered was delayed for a year and I can't wear it this fall. How r u these days?"
I think we've gone from speculating that cash flow could be the problem to assuming that it certainly is so without any real proof. Hoping Drew clears that up and/or shoots it down over the weekend. The operational problems are understandable and forgivable... the restaurant/money scenario less so, but I do not think that is the case.
This thread is so funny. I think I derive more value out of getting a laugh in here than I ever will out of my jackets. Keep the delays coming.
For real on that hybrid idea. Had a brown lamb CM and felt like I was just chickening out on both the A2 and Moto. Switched it up for a black lamb 4 zip instead. Can't quite get behind the silver on black so stuck with gunmetal but maybe I'll come around.
Dbear bro you make a moto look sick. Convinced me to switch from the CM to the 2011.
Didn't you order, like, one of every model? What could you even change it to...
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