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Can anyone recommend summer weight wool trousers in the $100-200 range? The Fresco is too expensive for me at $300. On a similar note, anyone have any experience with using Luxire linen trousers for dress purposes? I have the ecru hopsack but I reckon they are too casual for a shirt and sportcoat. Any other good options?
God damn it this is not the answer I wanted.
Advice on rain last? I'm a 6.5-7D brannock with flat feet and I think a narrow heel. 6E AE 5 last (a little snug through the instep) 6D Barrie and Trubalance Any chance I can do a 6UK rain?
Any update on the Italian shirts? It's been like 4 months for me now.
Is there no chance of the llama shirt coming back ever?
Kent any chance at all that you will bring MTM back on the polos?
Seconding this. I need MTM sadly.
Long shot but does anyone have a cream popcorn beanie they're willing to let go?
Can anyone recommend a pair of cream, sand, or off white non-cotton trousers? Could go either for wool or linen... just need something dressy with good drape to wear with a blazer in the spring.
Fair. I apologize for misreading.
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