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So two questions: 1. What is the SF-approved cheapest way to get a new pair of CP Achilles Lows? 2. How is the sizing on these compared to Rod Lavers and Stan Smiths? Same size?
Fool. Ordered the same. Will post when I get it in, like, 2016.
Sleeves are just a bit short, but other than that, great fit and beautiful jacket. Oxblood is a win imo.
I think this is a bit hyperbolic. From what I've seen, those whose first orders don't come out right are usually well aware that they fucked up their measurements or messed around where they shouldn't have. Even so, if you're off by an inch or so in the lengths, its not as huge a deal as people make it out to be.
So you'd suggest sizing up a half size in these? Any experience in how they fit vs. Stan Smiths/Rod Lavers?
Anyone know how Nike Court Classics fit compared to Adidas Lavers and Stan Smiths? Debating picking up a pair of these: http://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/court-tennis-classic-by-fragment-shoe/pid-10184503/pgid-10248042
Seriously??? Another 1-2 months after the one year mark? That is outrageous. What did you order?
Well if anyone has a pair of PS in size 28 that they're looking to sell, let me know.
Looking to buy a pair of relatively unworn PS in size 28. Hit me up.
This is kind of a stupid question, but is there a noticeable difference in the thigh/calf tightness between sizes of the PS? I've been wearing a pair of PS in size 27 for a few years now and I like the cut in general but I feel they're a little too tight for me in the thighs and am thinking of sizing up to a 28. Will that give me a bit more room or is the difference negligible?
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