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I had no idea they were still making duffles before the cut-off...?
Whoa there buddy. You are misinterpreting me. Agreed on improper use of quotes on my part. But a) I didn't know it was your ad and didn't look at who had listed it, and b) I wasn't inferring that the seller was being untruthful or unscrupulous. I'm not even sure how you inferred that. I was only pointing to the ridiculousness of the general TOJ situation.
A TOJ posting from grailed: "Over 70 weeks of waiting already complete!!!!!" What a sales pitch.
Which part of that post was unreasonable or naive? Fuck off.
I think the daypacks were wrong deliveries that got bounced back to SK and Dan hasn't got to them. Would be fucked if large wallets haven't gone out though.
Are people still waiting on the fucking wallets and bags?
Jackets stopped shipping some time in spring/summer 2014 with no good explanation from Drew. Drew has gone AWOL and has provided very little in the way of updates since then. Jackets started shipping again at the end of 2014/beginning of 2015. The rate of shipping/production appeared to be slow at first, but it appears that it has picked up and maybe even gone back to pre-2014 rates. Tough to say though with no contact from Drew and Charly's very limited...
He almost certainly meant Mar 23rd.
Didn't @Foxhound order this config? Just cross your fingers that they fuck up his measurements close enough to yours and then buy it off him.
What is the size/color/model you are looking for?
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