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There are no tailors in Manhattan.
To be fair to TOJ, Drew's last update has pretty much panned out: we saw at least one moto, A2, MDR, CWU ship out this week... many of them from August order dates. So things are moving ahead.
Message @akangHe's from NYC and had this same alteration done to his MDR cuffs.
This is so creepy but so great.
TL;DR to this thread - orders are super backed up. You'll get your order some time in the next year. Probably.
Were it not for the wait time, you'd be wearing a croptop leather right now.
Whoa. Did you get tracking? 8/26/13 moto order here.
Word. I think Drew has also said that for people around 5'5-5'6, the optimal front length will be around 20 for a full leather without ribbing and 21 for a leather with ribbing (so TOJ0/MA-1 might fit here too).
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