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bumping - I'd appreciate any tips from the community. thanks all
I've been thinking about pulling the trigger on these (the Whiskey color). I have some older shoes in a similar color that I like with jeans or navy slacks (casual office wear). Anyone have thoughts on the brand or the overall style? Recommendations for other styles and/or brands?    The rubber soles are what are giving me pause I think.     
I've been liking these AE, but want to treat them right. Any recommendations for specific polish? Thanks very much
  Any idea what coat that is? Really like the collar and cut
Hah, fair enough I guess. On the more constructive side, now that I've made the mistake, any advice for softening the leather or padding or anything?
I just got these Steve Maddens in from Zappos and after a half a day, I'm not sure I have any skin left on my heels,'s killing me. Any tips? Anyone use padding or anything or is this my penance for buying $75 shoes? Any for padding or expediting break-in would be great. Other Steve Maddens I've had in the past haven't given me any trouble at all. Thanks.
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