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Cloak haters gonna hate (got this one for a steal)
Shah hates Geller
RFT: toasty, take my discount code for Machus and buy that Siki Im denim jacket, and then sell me your Ervell cardigan
Istasi that's great, what season?
Wonder if they'd do Helmut Lang as a women's only collab, or for both genders
Wonder if they are even going to do another big collab like +J and UU, haven't heard anything
Anddddd bought, thanks art!
^yeah I think it was only for the lower priced items, like shirts and pants (which made up most of my order). Do want the shirts that I was looking at, but not enough to take a risk and potentially get MORE Gilt credit *shudder*. Hopefully the shirting will go on steeper discount as time goes on. And make sure and hit me up if those jackets don't work out art!
Ha, I think you got mine, didn't realize the only return for Gilt credit for some of the items (buying on my phone) so cancelled my order...well now you can let me know if it doesn't work out lol
^I'll let you know
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