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I enjoy DB, however I can't listen to him for extended periods of time due to his cartoon-ish voice (probably why I like him more as a featured artist on tracks, short and sweet); however I rather liked that new one, his voice sounds less forced/fake. Hopefully that's the direction he goes on Old.
Time for someone to start the mikey SF fund
In Danny Brown's new track he rhymes "ann demeulemeester" with "keister" That is all.
I wasn't underwhelmed with the one I sold to chaos either, just needed a bigger size for my shoulders. I kept my canvas one since it fits perfectly, and it's amazing.
Shipped out today
What size did you get Samir? Tracking shows that my field coat is waiting for me at home
For some reason I feel like Pacsun would actually stand a really good chance of having the whites as opposed to other places that sell Levis. Seems like Kohls and JC Pennys usually have fairly normal washes..then again, been a few years since I've bought some Levi 511s (or 510s like I wore in college )
^also, are those the "classic" fit NDG jeans? Been trying to find a pair of light gray jeans for a long time now
Do they have any short-sleeve oxfords up on the site, or if they even have them in the store? I wasn't able to find any, was really hoping to pick up a few of those to pair with Schneider shorts.
I've now finished Leviathan Wakes and Caliban's War and thoroughly enjoyed both...but now I have to wait until June for the third one to come out [[SPOILER]]
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