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Indeed, why...and what size are you...
Love my Pegasus 29 shoes, easily best running shoe I've ever owned
Ervell (in medium and small) Uniqlo x KM (got in both black and olive, in a Japanese Mediums and a Japanese Small respectively, got great prices for both, so we'll see which one fits)
Damn, need better pictures, those textures look great
Damn it, so jealous of those CPs, if only my feet were a little bigger
been lusting after that one for awhile....what's really dumb is I have it coming from Rakuten in a medium tooooooo, so the one that doesn't fit will hit B&S
And I just bought that cardigan in burgundy of B&S 2 minutes ago
Damn, would have bought at least 1 pair of those CPs on e-g if they were 40s
I think it's a go g, detailing on that is really cool IMO. Now I'll really have to buy your TOJ so you can fund that purchase
New Posts  All Forums: