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Yeah, seconded; it's definitely not as stretchy as a stark
I kind of like that idea reedo. That specifically makes me think of Siki Im's stuff, some of the interiors of his jackets are very geometric and cool looking (makes sense that would be the case though with the backpack straps)
Hell of a Night: favorite new track
Damn, if anyone has a 38 in the blazer coat...get at me
I think my oldest SF era item is a B Son sweater as well...that I bought from softy
Wishing I had kept my UU hidden placket shirts, need to pick some of those up again somehow
Bert so good, what Petrov pants are those
And this was slim on me when I was closer to a true 46; hence why the sizing on this is so confusing to me
And I own half of them...and you own one of mine
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