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^I agree with a lot of that actually melon (though I have a soft spot for the Himalaya bomber). A lot of the detailing from his previous seasons seems a little tacky. I like a fair amount of FW09, but I think his stuff has been getting a lot more wearable as time has gone on, without sacrificing his use of color and cut that makes him distinctive. Also, somebody sell me a leather jacket!
I have that one Geller is wearing, one of my go-to's
Frozen waves 4 lyfe boi
Thought it was the coat at first reedo and I was really jealous, sweater is cool too though
I thought art bought it from g tran, and then art sold it to istasi
coughgetmesomemeasurementscough edit: also, thanks for the sizing advice you gave me snow, really want to buy more of his stuff now
Only kind of related, but this reminds me of when I first downloaded and watched Babel, and none of the non-english parts had subtitles, and I just assumed "oh, Tower of Babel, language, I get it." Yeah, that movie definitely was supposed to have subtitles
I see what you mean, have been debating picking up some more "layered" clothing, maybe a double layered Geller tank or something along those lines; and I agree about the tapered wool trousers, but feel like I need a pair that's a little more adventurous than my +J's that I wear.Oh gawd, never thought I'd say it, but let's go back to the "what do I do with my life after college" discussion
Trust me, it's been on my mind, but she doesn't want to get married for another few years...or at least that's what she tells me
Synth, what would you recommend? My closet is pretty tame, lots of boring Geller, Schneider and Ervell.
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