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COS Cotton Flannel Hidden Placket Shirt - Gray - Size 38 (46/S) -> $100 Shipped CONUS
Shirt seems kind of out of place. Jeans fit also looks a little weird, but might just be the angle
Andddd...just insta-kopped a pair of white CP BBalls
Art wants to sell it to me, obviously
Someone convince me that buying Istasi's UC Diaplex Parka is a terrible idea
Getting ready to drive to see Chance the Rapper tonight. Ignore weird jeans stacking, had to buy new Uniqlo black jeans after I ripped my old pair trying to get out of a graveyard at 3 in the morning (also responsible for the scar on my arm) Geller Uniqlo MMM
Holy shit, that Devoa and Schneider
Really want a field jacket (wish I could find the gray Ervell one from last winter), debating if I could pull this one off
Or find some old +j ones reedo
Just let me know what you have, thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: