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New Baths album is my current listening choice
To add to the question, does anyone know how the the F + B derbies fit compared to the boots (namely the 745)? I'm hoping the same, as my 745 boots fit perfectly.
Fiorentini + Baker Or just get Momas?
Still waiting to get it from Japan, should get it sometime this coming week.
Just sell to me instead
did not even realize they had their own webshop. LM stuff always looks so cool; feel like I'd be too fat for a lot of it though.
^where'd you grab that stuff from fishbones?
Yeah...I don't even know why I posted them haha, price is alright, but I just need to grab some Moma derbies or something similar and call it a day
Ehhhhh (7)
Looking for the Robert Geller Zipper Blazer from S/S 2012 in Navy. Just let me know what you have, thanks!
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