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^damn, I completely forgot to bid on the shirt that guy was selling
That Kilim shirt is somewhere in between the normal fit SS shirts and the super slim fit (like the Base and Patio shirt). I have the gray Kilim in a size V as a 46, and it fits well, a little relaxed even (though I have no doubt a IV would have been unwearable)
Yeah I got the same response
Hmmm, dare I ask, what's the sizing like on the Guidis?
Love the drifter jacket in that fit
Yeah, I have a V in the Kilim, and I wore a V in the patio shirt as well
I'm a size 36 generally. I'm actually selling the same shirt in a size VI, it's much too large on me
It's a size V
All bought from g transistor, the largest single PayPal payment I've sent to someone
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