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Where the hell is that centaur photoshopped picture from SF days past? edit: THANK YOU BASED SHAH
Animal Collective bought my tickets to see them as well
not sure where else to post this, so here it is: anyone going to the Outlier sample sale that's willing to proxy?
^that would be right up your non-hooded coat alley toasty
^still debating buying that Siki Im blazer...I just never wear blazers I am really surprised the SS cardigan is there, would have picked it up if I didn't already have the loop cardigan in a very similar color.
^need a horse fit pic snow
The navy version is an actual grail for me, would pay absurd amount of money for it in a III or IV
Just gonna wear it with grimy white chucks, Levi 511 cutoffs and band tees
reedo going for that hulk look
those are terrible
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