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Is yours a 1? Mine is a 2 and fits well, I think sikis 1s are cut too small for my shoulders now
Snow, just got that same jacket in the mail from the Siki Im sample sale!
I'm with lmao on this one, don't understand the hype of that UC jacket. worst picture in the world, but tweed Ute Ploier pants? also, RG frames?
^I like it, minus the hood. Schneider? What size?
Anyone have a decent list of Isaora stockists?
Awesome Moo
Had suddenlee proxy me 3 pairs of jeans and a linen jacket from the Siki Im sample sale, some of the prices were really good, sounds like jackets/outerwear was really limited though
we meet again
Sell me the red SS shirt reedo
As per the title, looking for a pair of Robert Geller Tapered Denim in Clay, size 46. Just let me know if you have them, thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: