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It's mainline
Few recent purchases; many of which will probably hit B&S when I realize that they don't fit/look terrible on me MMM Schneider Ervell
I guess they must be the same ones, though I don't remember them being called "sheer." They aren't perfect, but considering you can find them wholesale and on ebay for nothing, not a bad plebe option for a "slutty" shirt. Wish the super long Siki Im one I picked up fit a little better, really cool silhouette to it though
neckline is au naturale; that's how the neck opening is on all of the Loose Summer Crews. The white ones do seem to run a little looser/longer thoughedit: and mine isn't the sheer one, it's just the loose summer crew; not sure if that makes a difference though.
I'm the worst
Not actually what I was wearing today, just trying some things out:Siki ImAAUniqlo (I really need some cooler pants)F + B [[SPOILER]] Alternate:GellerAAUniqloF + B
That Siki MA-1 is so great; though I think I'm going to end up just getting a TOJ one
Yup, I get Mackelmore a lot too; and my haircut is only somewhat similar to that style of cut
And for my near daily entry in this thread: (the sweater)
Why do I just get comparisons to Beck and Michael Cera?
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