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^still debating buying that Siki Im blazer...I just never wear blazers I am really surprised the SS cardigan is there, would have picked it up if I didn't already have the loop cardigan in a very similar color.
^need a horse fit pic snow
The navy version is an actual grail for me, would pay absurd amount of money for it in a III or IV
Just gonna wear it with grimy white chucks, Levi 511 cutoffs and band tees
reedo going for that hulk look
those are terrible
Haven't ordered it yet, but was thinking about doing so soon....or I can just buy yours and you can buy the medium!
I hope you gain 50 more lbs toasty and are forced to sell that Ervell to me
Haha, honestly if I could justify it I'd keep both hoodcoats and then buy the Schneider Berber coat too; I love hooded coats. I like the fit of the gray Bless more, but I already have a lot of light gray tones for my outerwear, so feel like it's kind of redundant. Probably just need to throw on the black one more and embrace it; but we'll see.
Also interested in a proxy!
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