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Since I'm never going to be able to get a black leather MMM 5-zip...what about black canvas...?
My buy list is relatively small...for the moment Leather Jacket (TOJ...maybe RO) Field Coat (Patrik Ervell) Boring Knits (PE, SS, COS) Tapered Trousers (Ute Ploier, SS, COS)
What pants are those?
What's the jacket? Looks nice.
Yeah I'm a 40 in CP and 41 in MMM; so probably no luck. Oh well
I would assume not a chance in the world that any of the footwear is a size 40, right? Stupid tiny feet
The price will undoubtedly be crazy, but I do love the look of this shearling Siki Im leather, wonder if anyone will carry it
^get me a job at Google
I'm looking forward to going there again when I'm up there in a few weeks. Hoping they get some of the more interesting outerwear. Same for their Siki Im buy
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