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Anyone willing to proxy from AMRAG? I think someone on here said they don't do phone orders
Love that bomber cyc, makes me regret selling my light gray version of it
Because it's another week, and another chance for a dumb, unnecessary purchase Ute Ploier
Damn, hope it's salvageable, that is a great looking coat
No decent mirror at work, so shitty angle picSchneiderAAUte PloierNDC [[SPOILER]]
Why did you sell that hidden placket Plokhov blazer art? I'm not even big into the Plokhov look, but I would still like that one in a 48. Also, have you tried any of Siki's blazers?
My response to "where's that from" is always "the internet" with no further elaboration. My TOJ fishtail gets the most comments...but most of those are "does anyone ever tell you that you look like Macklemore?"
I think the only "weird" comments I've gotten for my clothing is the few times I've busted out the backpack straps on my Siki Im jackets
As per the title, looking for the Stephan Schneider Merino Coat in Size 4. All colors considered, thanks!
Not really? I mean it's a thick winter coat, and meant to be worn with a little layering too
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