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Well sold one 5 zip, bought another (hoping this one will fit a little bit better)
As per the title, looking for the soft shirt by Stephan Schneider pictured, or any other Schneider hidden placket shirts. Just let me know what you have, thanks!
Looking for the Patrik Ervell Blazer coat in a size 38 or 40. Would prefer the gray version, but open to any of them. Thanks!
But jackets is all I know breezy (that and I'm going to be selling some). Do need to focus on getting some more shirts and pants though
Damnnnn it lol, let me know if you don't end up wanting it e0d
Need something a little more structured I think or
What's the Siki piece spope?
@g transistor, so good (and rocking those Petrovs)
If it had exposed buttons, I don't think it was the wick coat
All of the same coats I'm looking for
New Posts  All Forums: