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Remember what Fok said, if it doesn't say it's "now open" it doesn't count.
Well now to continue to wait (where will it say "now open" Fok?)
What USPS service are you trying to use? Are you trying to set it up through Big Commerce? That's the main shopping cart software I work with at my job
jwoowoo: how you gonna post such a great fit and then not include deets? The-Arm: the coat and the pants are perfect, love it
It doesn't have to be full "goth ninja" or whatever to work; but this simply looks incongruous in a bad way. Same thing with the constricting looking collar on the shirt. Boots would probably work fine of other things were changed
Think it should be fromjapan.co.jp
I use fromjapan, they are awesome
Yeah, Jbravo the BBS looks like its probably cool, but you really have to commit to that aesthetic a bit more than that to make it work; looks like your playing dress up pairing it with those jeans
Hard to resist adding commentary, but no one wants the thread derail that it entails. Want to post a fit pic, but it's been uniqlo + AA everyday with the humidity here
Not sure if I'm going to end up keeping it, but had to give it a shot Siki Im
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