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Any of it smaller person sized sip?
which two do you have again istasi? mollino and intarsia?
KJ posted a link to a medium pilot on yoox, which is the one he was talking about I think
Still kind of hoping someone is willing to proxy today...really would like some pants in size 30-32, and one of the bombers in a small if anyone is going, hit me up!
Might be making this up, but didn't PF live in Kansas City?
So, was anyone going to the sample sale...? Would love to have someone proxy me a few things!
Where the hell is that centaur photoshopped picture from SF days past? edit: THANK YOU BASED SHAH
Animal Collective bought my tickets to see them as well
not sure where else to post this, so here it is: anyone going to the Outlier sample sale that's willing to proxy?
^that would be right up your non-hooded coat alley toasty
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