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For the sake of posting something, alternate take of my previous fit (I wish I walked more places just so I can wear this like a backpack and look like an idiot)
this thread derailment is one of the worst in recent memory...I'm about to take a bathroom picture of myself with bed hair and wearing a Stark; someone please get this thread back on track
^^Yeah, that's the one. It was fun last year, wish I would have gone to more shows and made a day of it, but friends bailed, and FU was the main draw for me. Only ones that stood out this year for me were Grizzly Bear and Iceage. /kansascitytalk
I'm excited to finally see Iceage this summer, they are playing in KC at a "festival" (lol), same "festival" I saw Fucked Up at last year incidentally. Like the new JT, think I like Suit & Tie more of the two though edit: also, not new by internet standards, but I've been listening to that new James Blake song Retrograde constantly
Or the new Iceage album
What Uniqlo pants are those fishbones?
Ni No Kuni
^have you considered one of those Visvim A-2s?
What's the material of that Siki snow?
Sell me a pair of you GellerxCP boots mello!
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