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Sell that to me, and then buy my high neck Siki
Whatttttt are you doing, stahp
Damn if that was a medium...
Damn that looks great Teger, any close up pics of the material?
First question: do any Ervell stockists still have the heavy button collar shirt in the ethnic stripe in small? How does this shirt fit (I'm a 47-48). Also, has anyone ever removed the silk lining from a pair of Ervell jeans? I have a pair of FW12 jeans that I love, but they are really tight in the waist; wondering if they would be a bit more comfortable if I removed that lining.
One of the bombers there is the padded bomber from this FW season, I almost bought it...but really don't need another bomber (be proud SF, big first step). Did get a new hi-neck jacket though
Delivers yes, but they use USPS labels for the return
I think Uniqlo returns are done with USPS actually
The only thing I kept from the previous sample sale was a shirt jacket in light gray (snow has the same one) for $100, but yeah I'd imagine outerwear at this one won't be cheap.
There wasn't very much outerwear at the last one; hoping this one will be different though. Lots of jeans and pants, and some shirts (according to Erica from Suddenlee)
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