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Here are some recent ones Plokhov Schneider Krane CP
Yup, too many people sized down on the Alpaca coat I think, which gives it that "hoodie effect"
Those jeans look way too tight to me, good fit on the TOJ though
I think forward forward will have Siki for this spring right?
So many good fits! Love that cardigan Caveat (I'm jelly)
Robert Geller N3 Padded Bomber - Charcoal - Size 46 -> $300 Shipped CONUS Measurements (note: thick padding): Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 18" Pit-to-Pit: 22" Sleeve: 24 1/2" Length: 25"
Patrik Ervell Snap Cardigan - Burgundy - Size Small -> $180 Shipped CONUS *Note: willing to trade for Stephan Schneider pieces Measurements: Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 18" Pit-to-Pit: 20" Sleeve: 24 1/2" Length: 25"
Just a reference picture
Why not, let's do this on a daily basis Bless (Still really want to find one that fits me, not sure if I should do this one or try to force reedo to sell me his black one) Think I'd still prefer the SS merino coat...but that seems to be pretty impossible to find
More interested in the Schneider and Ervell; though doubtful there'd be anything in my size anyways
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