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Those size 7's are for me when they go on sale
^so you're the one that grabbed that bomber, I'm still waiting for the Berber to get here [[SPOILER]]
Too late for me to join in as well?
Voidoid, yeah it's from FW'13, picture is from Cruvoir's facebook page. They have quite a few pictures up from the collection.
^bam, there you go
I'll send you the link once I get back home and can find it
4est, I'll have to re-find the link, but it's being sold on a Korean store, have no idea if they ship to the US or anything (got bored so was browsing Bless stockists), and they had it available in a Large, which is probably the right size for you
I sincerely doubt I could pull it off, but this is so cool RFT: would it be some form of heresy to get my canvas hoodcoat professionally dyed? Not that I even think there's anyone in my area that does that sort of thing, but something I've been mulling over
Paging 4est
Indeed, why...and what size are you...
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