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Yup, saw them in Lawrence, KS
Just got back from seeing Purity Ring, pretty fun show...not much of a RFT
The outfit as a whole is also pretty terrible TBH. Jacket isn't my thing, though I suppose it's not that terrible. Belt looks tacky and out of place, jeans are way too tight in the thighs, and the shoes should be burned.
Sorry TOG, just sent you a reply
awesome g tran, was wondering who was going to pick that up
G, you need more money, I think you need to sell more stuff
maybe I lied, still want the blazer too, why do I keep spending money
Toasty, did you send art a fit pic via owl again?
Well, I bought a little more than I anticipated... Siki Im Ute Ploier Ervell (for the third time now, bought a small and sold it, bought what was listed as a medium on Rakuten but it was an XS, so now re-bought a small) Schneider Now someone sell me a Schneider merino coat and base shirt so I can be done with buying for forever
I think I have too many Schneider cardigans in my closet, but I'm not sure which ones to get rid of
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