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And I just bought that cardigan in burgundy of B&S 2 minutes ago
Damn, would have bought at least 1 pair of those CPs on e-g if they were 40s
I think it's a go g, detailing on that is really cool IMO. Now I'll really have to buy your TOJ so you can fund that purchase
comin' for you reedo
Contrary to all SF advice, probably going to sell the dark one and keep the light gray one, black one just fits too small in the shoulders to be comfortable.
People posting recent purchases of these B&N shoes makes me really hate my tiny feet (needed a 40)
KOY, it's really just a pretty standard A-2 bomber, which TOJ also offers
Fit on some of his stuff is bizarre for sure, but if you get a chance to try some out in person, or try out from a site with a good return policy you should give it a shot
New Posts  All Forums: