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That summer parka is awesome, though if I recall correctly it fits oversize, would have picked it up if it was a 46
I didn't even realize that the moto jacket was for sale in dust; sometimes I regret selling mine.
Starting to regret not picking up the drawstring shorts; but pretty happy with what I picked up. Can't wait for new drops later on for outerwear (very excited to get my bomber in tomorrow)
Did you grab those linen shorts? I was debating them, but all of my shorts are dark colored right now. I got the moon shirt and the gray pocket seconds tee
I've just been sitting and switching between playing FTL and refreshing the page
Argh, those were some hard decisions to make; wanted to buy more but had to resist; still not sure how some of these T's are going to fit me.
That's unfortunate, I remember contemplating some of their white low-tops at one point in the past. I never see them being sold on any websites though *edit: I always liked these for some reason
I never see them for sale anymore, but Generic Man in the past has had some clean looking black and white low tops that are a little less minimalist than the usual CP option
I have the longsleeve version of it, it's amazing.
When they don't work out for you, PM me
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