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Hoping this is going to fit, I've heard it fits rather oversized...
I wish I had more (anything) to contribute to this thread, but hopefully I'll learn from other people's posts
$130 for a J Crew cardigan sounds ridiculous to me
g tran, you can try mbok.jp, it's another auction site, though I've never found anything that great on it edit: beat by brad
Book-talk derailment is still the best one that's happened
I'll admit, I was bobbing my head to Last Dance quite a bit yesterday from that Rhye album
Because almost everyone listens to rap and has an overly strong opinion about it, not enough people care about noisy distortion-filled Japanese post-rock and black metal for us to have that conversation
Ha I've listened to XXX a number of times, good album, voice just grates on me after enough time. Can we please start talking about how awesome Riff-Raff is (10)?
I enjoy DB, however I can't listen to him for extended periods of time due to his cartoon-ish voice (probably why I like him more as a featured artist on tracks, short and sweet); however I rather liked that new one, his voice sounds less forced/fake. Hopefully that's the direction he goes on Old.
Time for someone to start the mikey SF fund
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