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The pocket sweater from this season fits much longer than some of the previous iterations I've owned; in fact it probably fits longer than most of my other sweaters.
So, are we good to start discussing? [[SPOILER]]
Seems to be the consensus; I still like the other one but if anything may just have to pick that one up at a later point in time...after I finally get a leather jacket. Thanks for the feedback everyone
re: Danny Brown talk, a girl I work with who is very very attractive met DB when he played in Kansas City, hooked up with him, and then a few weeks later he flew her out to his show in Vegas...where she got too drunk/high and passed out in a hot tub with the water running in DB's hotel room and cost him $1000's in damages to the hotel room
The Pro-Era mixtape is also really good, though 1999 is the clear winner
Thumbs up for Radio Dept, now I know what I'm listening to tomorrow. Rapper I keep going back to as of late is Joey Bada$$, some people hate him, but I think he's great
Some of the outerwear is very cool looking, though all of it would be pretty redundant in my closet, 18 on the other hand...damn it, that color...already have Ijevan, but wonder if it would be unreasonable to have both
New track isn't their best by any means, just song of the day
Ahh man, I'm the opposite, normally not my kind of thing, but for whatever reason I love it
Probably better for the music thread, but my song of the day would be the new AlunaGeorge track
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