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fishbones, Machus is another Siki Im stockist, I think they are still waiting on getting in their shipment for this season though.
That is great looking, love the geometric detailing on it
probably one of my favorites from you casey
So many requests, and no one responding Would be willing to pay a good proxy fee too, care less about the cheapness of the stuff and more about getting things I didn't pick up this year.
Those size 7's are for me when they go on sale
^so you're the one that grabbed that bomber, I'm still waiting for the Berber to get here [[SPOILER]]
Too late for me to join in as well?
Voidoid, yeah it's from FW'13, picture is from Cruvoir's facebook page. They have quite a few pictures up from the collection.
^bam, there you go
I'll send you the link once I get back home and can find it
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