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^please go away
Damn, I think a 50 of that bomber would be too big for me...but still might have to give it a shot just in case
I was debating picking up the size II, size I in Siki Im is getting too tight in the shoulders for me. Can't decide between it and a TOJ MA-1. Oh yeah, and what size did you end up getting in the Schneider (sorry I never responded to your PM)
^what size Siki Im did you pick up?
Doesn't even matter if it happens while I'm at work, I'll just buy it while I'm there
No, I love having an excuse to wear my two strapped Siki Im jackets that way
Looks like its the light olive version of that bomber, I think it was only carried in Japanese stores (to my knowledge, mellonade can feel free to correct me). What size is that trucker style jacket Fok? And is that mysterious black bomber going to be making an appearance in this batch?
Looking forward to it, will be really fun to see some of the "out there" stuff
^how about you just sell me that hooded bomber from FW12 that you picked up instead
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