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As per the listing, looking for the Bless Hoodcoat in wool in black, size large. Thanks!
Trade you for those ute pants bene (especially since I have the jacket )
Few things recently: Zam (actually got a pair of black linen ones as well, but can't find a proper picture of them) Petar Petrov Geller Anddd...RO (drunk Y! Japan purchase)
Common Project BBall His - Vintage/White - Size 40 -> $250 $240 $230 shipped CONUS
And g tran got it from me, round and round it goes (should fit you art)
^deets man, looks great
Just sell me all of your Schneider, consolidation complete
That Lad shirt is beautiful
I saw that one Blackmaged, looks really cool, might be worth the risk. Now for my own entry...
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