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An absolute no to the jacket
Would buy the OL blazer if it was a 46, really regret not buying one when i had the chance
Sounds like that Ervell MA-1 that's probably going to be too small for me has your name on it
Your for sale thread makes me sad Istasi
Sorry for the shitty pic, going to see Caspian Cloak Geller Seconds Geller CP
Patrik Ervell FW10 Unstructured Blazer - Gray - Size 38 (Fits 44-46) -> $250 Shipped CONUS *Note: would also trade for a size 40 in the same jacket Measurements: Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 17 1/4" Pit-to-Pit: 19 1/2" Sleeve: 24 1/2" Length: 28"
FUCK, why not a IV, great price, somebody jump on this
Man, that sounds like one of the better 5 zip configurations (and awesome, I'm glad it got to you!)
Which 5-zip did you get chaos?
Speaking of TOJ...ugh...I think I'm done buying stuff for awhile
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