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What is that gong? Looks nice
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Wish this was a large, would buy it so fast
I scheduled to have SuddenLee go to the Siki Im sample sale for me. Really hoping to pick up a high neck coat of some sort, I love my current one but it's just too damn small. Also irrationally want another Siki bomber...I have a problem
Paid way too much for it on Y!
Nom de Guerre Stephan Schneider
Anyone (thewho?) have much experience with Etudes? Really like some of their pattern shirts, thinking about picking one up. Wasn't sure what the fit/quality was like.
That's it, SF is dead, everyone move to purseforum now
Zam Barrett Minimalist Heavy Linen Pants - Black - Size 48 -> $150 Shipped CONUS Measurements: Waist: 16 3/4" Inseam: 37" Hem: 6 3/4"
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