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Which numbers did you pick up noctone?
Been buying way too much, here are a few of the highlights: Robert Geller Stephan Schneider (used to own this but was too small for it, always regretted selling it to g transistor; but now it's mine again) Ute Ploier (matching jacket to the pants I already bought) Ervell
I have to agree; not sure what it is either. And I'm normally a big fan of Regis fits too
Hats are really cool too, too bad I would look terrible in all of them
So much cool stuff; but don't think I'll be buying any of it. That paneled blazer and the richard jacket are tempting, though I think the richard might be too big
Oh dear god that looks awesome
I want to put backpack straps on all of my jackets (0)
Love the arrow shaped cuffs; the Geller fishtail I used to have had them, and it was such a cool detail
^damn, where'd you grab those Schneider pants from?
Wow I didn't even know they made the satin bomber in that color; that's nice. Still wish I could find it in the burgundy or dark purple version
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