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I want to put backpack straps on all of my jackets (0)
Love the arrow shaped cuffs; the Geller fishtail I used to have had them, and it was such a cool detail
^damn, where'd you grab those Schneider pants from?
Wow I didn't even know they made the satin bomber in that color; that's nice. Still wish I could find it in the burgundy or dark purple version
Robert Geller Seconds T-Shirt - Gray - Size Small (fits like a Medium) -> $65 Shipped CONUS Measurements:
BNWT Robert Geller Shorts - Olive - Size 48 -> $80 Shipped CONUS
what size do you wear in CP boots Synth?
God damn it, Patron of the New sent me the wrong Siki Im bomber jacket, they sent me the Bulls bomber as opposed to the MA-1, so pissed; now it's probably sold out
^that looks great
damn, that was one of the things i was trying to justify, let me know if they don't work out.
New Posts  All Forums: