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RFT: I'm really bummed Ute Ploier isn't making men's clothing anymore. Every piece I've bought of hers has been fantastic, love the details. Ute pants are especially nice.
Someone smaller than me should grab this, almost tempted to risk buying it but I feel like it'll be too slim Ute Ploier
Not that I need any other bombers, but how does patch bomber fit?
Yep, I believe so
Want more color in my life, not sure it would mesh with my wardrobe though
A few recent ones Ute Ploier (XS, hoping it will fit me) Stephan Schneider Patrik Ervell (Hidden Placket version) Patrik Ervell Fiorentini + Baker
I haven't had glasses in awhile but have been wanting some - there wouldn't be any issues with turning those sunglasses frames to normal glasses would there?
That Geller is great, it's pretty lightweight though just FYI
Of the Attachment long coats, I liked this one the best personally:
Damn, not bad shirt prices...still would be interested if anyone wanted to oroxy
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