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Hope it is legit, because those pictures look awesome
Damn, your Junya collection is expanding rapidly
Think he's talking about that Junya N2B he picked up
Sorry for the atrocious picture and the slightly messy room (just got the SS Berber coat in today ). Debating selling this small Ervell pocket sweater and sizing up to a medium, thoughts (if you can even tell how it fits, tried to adjust the levels but didn't seem to help much)?
Wearing that Ervell bomber right now fishbones, one of my favorites
when's deadline for your pre-order nahneun?
Yeah its a size III. Probably going to put the Ijevan I have up for sale, but wouldn't be heartbroken if I kept both
Like g tran, if I know someone and I'm not in a huge hurry to sell I'll be more lenient with payment, but in general the first person to put money in my PayPal account gets the item. I've gotten burned a number of times by people saying they are 100% going to buy, I ignore other offers while I wait for them to pay; and then they flake off
I used to use Sharpservice, and it was great a year or two ago, but I had nightmarish problems with them on my last transaction (maybe 6 months ago?). They didn't respond to any of my emails, didn't have tracking information, in general didn't give me any communication for almost a month despite repeated emails from me. Finally I ended up getting upset in an email and made it known the extent of my unhappiness, and I got a call within 10 minutes from their UK office, and...
Yeah slstr, it's from Frozen Waves, picked it up for a song from Y! Japan
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