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Would also be interested in a proxy!
LOL, sorry guys, I just moved this last weekend, I don't have internet at home (waiting on Google Fiber), so been trying to chase this stuff down while at work. Have patience!
Just PMed you, sorry!
Really excited for the +J re-release. Just started a new job recently with a dress code, been needing some work basics
Still really wish I could find that color of the Ijevan in my size, so good
It is pretty thick, not sure it's much more so than the charcoal version however.
Feel like the darker gray would be a better match tbh
Would anyone be interested in trading their charcoal merino for my light gray merino. Size 4!
I'm waiting expectantly for the rug sweater I bought from steveoffice
Can't wait for my light gray to get here. Though kind of fearing it might be redundant with my TOJ fishtail, might have some tough choices to make
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