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That's unfortunate, I remember contemplating some of their white low-tops at one point in the past. I never see them being sold on any websites though *edit: I always liked these for some reason
I never see them for sale anymore, but Generic Man in the past has had some clean looking black and white low tops that are a little less minimalist than the usual CP option
I have the longsleeve version of it, it's amazing.
When they don't work out for you, PM me
Ugh art that looks so good, waiting for my Siki one to get here, but I'm starting to think I'm going to want the substantial-ness of the TOJ MA-1 more. Damn, I'm definitely going to need a 48 though, maybe even a 50
I really like my white Ervell hidden placket, made out of a very thick Oxford fabric so doesn't feel overly formal
Those linen shorts are so good ( got any 48s of them Fok?)
This, need summertime clothes
Condition is very good, only worn out 4 or so times, probably 9/10
Sounds doable to me reedo. Also, actual RFT: purchased one of the green marble-print short sleeve Ervell shirts from the Corner on a lark, assuming I'd return it...turns out I like it way more than I thought I was going to. Not sure if I should keep or return now
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