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Just like the title says
Just like the title says, either colorway!
Just like the title says, mainly looking for the dark green version, but will accept other versions/other SS hidden placket shirts
Just like the title says, either version of the granite print and short or long sleeve!
Anyone know of any Ute Ploier stockists besides SP?
Photo posted now, very true to the actual color.
Ute Ploier Double Rider Jacket - Black - Size S/46 -> $100 Shipped CONUS Measurements:
Isaora Tech M-65 - Dark Green - Size Medium (48-50) -> $150 Shipped CONUS Measurements:
As per the title, in desperate need of some shorts for summer. Probably need something in a 32/48. Would really like to track down a pair of Outlier 3 way short, but open to just about anything, let me know what you have!
Long time no posting, but RFT/question: would having a black Bless hoodcoat and a medium gray Schneider merino coat be too redundant? Especially since I have a cracked pepper TOJ fishtail? Decisions
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