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I don't think I can pull off a straw/floppy hat, really wish I had been home when you posted that Ervell cap from Barney's toasty, really want one of those suede caps
This is true toasty, I was initially going to wear it with one of my AA relaxed summer tees, but grabbed the wrong one this morning
Haha, SO loves the color of it, had her try it on...boobs make the fit less than ideal unfortunately . Really do want to get her a Schneider knit this year for her birthday though
If the weather in Missouri is like it is in Kansas, in summer all I do is wear shorts (Uniqlo or Schneider) or cropped pants (Uniqlo +J) and t-shirts/short sleeve button ups. That + white vans will be summer uniform, because it will be too damn hot for much else
Yeah, I would prefer it to be a size larger. I love the fit of my size IV Ijevan; which makes me wonder if it's worth it to have this one as well
Can't decide if I should keep this or sell it I like the color a lot, but not sure if it's too slim/too redundant with my Ijevan
Gonna be wearing this cardigan as often as I can (channeling my inner fishbones)ErvellAAErvellMMM [[SPOILER]]
Is it really weird that I liked that RZA track a lot? Not even sure why, some of the lines were kind of terrible (that "passion hug" line comes to mind), but it still worked for me, IDK
Life Round Here -> Take a Fall for Me -> Retrograde is my favorite 3 song sequence on the album
I'll try and post one tomorrow. I could probably make it work with enough layering, but I just don't think it's gonna be a winner for me. No worries toasty
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