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Sometimes I really hate WAYWT
To further clarify, I owned this exact jacket in a 46; and it definitely fit on the larger side. I wouldn't say a full size large, but would probably be best for a big 46 to a 47
There was a Khaki version of the FW field jacket for 2012; probably a stupid question but did you check to make sure that the tag says that it is from SS?
Which numbers did you pick up noctone?
Been buying way too much, here are a few of the highlights: Robert Geller Stephan Schneider (used to own this but was too small for it, always regretted selling it to g transistor; but now it's mine again) Ute Ploier (matching jacket to the pants I already bought) Ervell
I have to agree; not sure what it is either. And I'm normally a big fan of Regis fits too
Hats are really cool too, too bad I would look terrible in all of them
So much cool stuff; but don't think I'll be buying any of it. That paneled blazer and the richard jacket are tempting, though I think the richard might be too big
Oh dear god that looks awesome
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