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I love my Nike Pegasus, they are probably my favorite running shoe I've ever owned.
Nah, I have the same jacket, I think that would be a pretty unnecessary removal; they really are hardly noticeable.
Damn, why can't it be a small; one of the main things on my want list
I want to thumbs up that, and hate the fact that it was too small for me at the same time. Still desperately want last season's in a small, that gray was so nice
Mine has shoulder seams, though it definitely reminds me of that fit pic that you posted wearing yours (weird that I remember that). Not sure if I'll try and wash it/rock it oversize, or try and move it on to someone else
Hmm, odd, all the things I thought would work didn't, and the ones that I assumed wouldn't did. V-neck seconds shirt fits huge, like a full size bigger than my other seconds stuff, and olive shorts don't fit right either. On the other hand, painted tee fits great (still not decided on keeping it) and the non-hooded washed cotton bomber that I thought was going to be too small fits perfect; roomy even.
Hoping there's still a lot more outerwear to be put up eventually...though hopefully not for a little bit so my poor wallet can recover some
That plaid shirt is really cool. Tempted by that dock shirt, but have no idea how it would fit me
Still hoping against all odds for the light gray jeans in a 46 (PM'ed you back Meis, sorry!)
That summer parka is awesome, though if I recall correctly it fits oversize, would have picked it up if it was a 46
New Posts  All Forums: