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Whooooooosh, right over my head
I would think you'd be a 5 cyc, I owned a 3 once upon a time and it fit fairly tts (too slim for me ). Then again, I think el Bert has a 4 of the camel version, so hard to say (but I doubt that 6 will work for you that's on B&S)
Octopandda, amazing
Despite the price, I would have bought it if it were a IV
That is so cool of Yang Li's studio
I...actually kind of like those
Awesome, thanks!
Alright, I just tried searching this thread but to no avail...anyone have a list of stockists?
^Pretty sure it's going to be gone momentarily (not by my hands though)
It does run a lot slimmer than the wool version (I've owned so many iterations of the alpaca jacket lol)
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