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don't bother with hopsin, he's also terrible
Fit looks good to me
Oh, there are a few floating around...might have to grab mine quick now haha
Ha, it's a size IV. And that is a good point TW, I would probably wear it with a lot of knits. Agonizing decision Also, should I keep this Geller tan denim jacket from Gilt, or return it and get a raw Siki Im one instead?
GF hated the neck on it too, I like the color a lot, but not sure if it's worth going through the bother of selling something just to buy something else.
Obviously already own one of these, debating selling this (the Schneider bomber): To in part justify this: ???
fishbones, Machus is another Siki Im stockist, I think they are still waiting on getting in their shipment for this season though.
That is great looking, love the geometric detailing on it
probably one of my favorites from you casey
So many requests, and no one responding Would be willing to pay a good proxy fee too, care less about the cheapness of the stuff and more about getting things I didn't pick up this year.
New Posts  All Forums: