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Boiled wool Siki Im was so good (still sad it didn't fit me). Really like my Siki Im bomber from this last spring, really nice details
Don't need one, but a part of me still really wants a HL MA-1
Damn, where did you find that?
Fuck, that looks great man (definitely would not have fit me )
Thanks art and MM, going to make a trip to the art supply store later today. Also RFT/question: does anyone else have problems searching eBay for things outside of the US? I used to have all of my searches go through eBay.uk so I could specify my search to show "Any Country/Region," (going through the US site doesn't give me this option) though now when I do so it doesn't show any results outside of the UK.
Which COS coat you get KOY?
So, I can't seem to find it anywhere in this thread, though I know it's been talked about before: how have people gone about re-painting their painted MMM GATS? And what sort of paint? Mine are looking beat to hell, could probably use another coat on them
Fiance and I were wandering around the local antique mall, so sure, we'll call this a fit pic (excuse partially un-covered dumb facial expression) FABULOUS SEQUIN CAPE Geller AA Uniqlo (partial vis) MMM (no vis)
Surprised that no Siki Im stockists have received any shipments yet (at least not that I've seen). Really looking forward to seeing what stores end up carrying for this season
And we will never own any of them
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