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Very boring rainy day fit:+J+JGellerF+B [[SPOILER]]
These pictures just reinforce that 4est needs to get the hot sausage. The "jickjack" on Gloria looks great, really want to see an up-close picture of it. Also, I do love the gray they are using for the hoodcoat/hoodjacket this season (want the hoodjacket so bad)
That's not womens
huh, guess it was someone else then
Don't you have an Attachment puffer jacket as well snake, or am I making that up?
Isn't that actually a Julius puffer jacket, not an MA+?
I think I have too many bomber jackets, but I don't want to get rid of any of them
Cloak flight jacket is so cool, debating keeping it...though will probably just sell it
I think I'll just buy it for you and hold on to it for you g until you're ready. i won't upcharge you...much
black looks good with more black
New Posts  All Forums: