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Anyone know of any Ute Ploier stockists besides SP?
Photo posted now, very true to the actual color.
Ute Ploier Double Rider Jacket - Black - Size S/46 -> $100 Shipped CONUS Measurements:
Isaora Tech M-65 - Dark Green - Size Medium (48-50) -> $150 Shipped CONUS Measurements:
As per the title, in desperate need of some shorts for summer. Probably need something in a 32/48. Would really like to track down a pair of Outlier 3 way short, but open to just about anything, let me know what you have!
Long time no posting, but RFT/question: would having a black Bless hoodcoat and a medium gray Schneider merino coat be too redundant? Especially since I have a cracked pepper TOJ fishtail? Decisions
As per the listing, just let me know what you have, thanks!
Sorry for the Snapchat photo (forgot to take a normal one), but here are my painted MMM's after going to see Waka Flocka Flame earlier this week
Siki Im
For what it's worth, I love my vintage sole bballs, wore them to see schoolboy q on Wednesday
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