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Just sell to me @nicelynice, problem solved
Not sure I needed more pants, butttttt Stephan Schneider Snowman
I was looking at that (let me know if it doesn't work out!)
What leathers do you have koy? I'm still helping my friend look for one, and his budget is on the lower end ($500)
Finally Stephan Schneider Plain Jacket (thanks @Noctone!)
Devoa (don't even know what I'm doing anymore)
I found FromJapan to be even slower that ZenMarket as far as actually purchasing off Rakuten
I find my charcoal NMWA reissue merino difficult to button up and make sit well/look nice; while my OG camel version sits a lot better when I button it all the way up
I think this one:
I still have a few pieces of Ervell floating around in my closet; but haven't felt the urge to buy much of anything in quite a while from the brand. Feels like everything is either a) way too similar to his previous offerings, or b) not a silhouette or style that interests me much
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