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Definitely let me know dude, thanks!
Thanks @nahneun!
Anyone have any sizing advice for Jun Hashimoto boots? I generally wear a size 40 in Common Projects, size 41 in Margiela sneakers.
Probably my favorite fit of yours @sinnedk. My only critique would be that I'd prefer different footwear. That shiny black leather seems a little jarring with everything else, but that could just be me
That's right, I do remember you posting that earlier. Looks nice in general, but looks really good for H&M. Really been liking the look of that kind of camel-colored suede lately
That looks really good on you KOY, what is it?
That is perfect @baltimoron, I really appreciate it!
Feel like someone larger should pick this up Robert Geller Fishtail
Going to be in Boston for the 3rd and 4th of July, any recommendations (shopping, food, drink, points of interest)?
What's the verdict on that new Peir bomber? Looks great in your fit!
New Posts  All Forums: