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Love the overall fit of them, but I really don't like that slash
Pretty much everything you just said KOY, never been a fan of that awkward sneaker + dress shoe hybrid, just looks bad. Texture of leather looks interesting, but that's about the only redeeming thing in my eye. I would have guessed they were from that brand Generic Surplus if I saw them. No hate intended, but not a fan.
That price is insane, time to buy it and wear it over my Merino
@el Bert is right, Snowsmock would work really well there. Also feel like a very boxy-cut button-up with a band collar could work. Or t-shirt/sweatshirt; but definitely would need to match some of the width of those shorts, otherwise silhouette will look really weird if it's too slim.
Abasi Rosborough long coat?
For your MMM aesthetic @RegisDB9 I think they'd fit well, then again I have a hard time imagining you wearing anything that's not boots. And no @OccultaVexillum, don't do it
Really wish Petar Petrov & Ute Ploier were still making men's clothes. Would wear so much old Petrov
If anyone would be down to proxy let me know, really just looking for a suede cap like OccultaVexillum
Yeah, I wondered about some of the pieces, well hopefully the one I grabbed isn't horribly disfigured lol
Yeah, it popped up this morning along with some other unusual Geller pieces. Kinda tempted by the fur collar bomber, suede rider and fencing blazer on there; but think I'll pass for now.
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