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That Belstaff seems like a kind of radical departure from your other stuff. IDK, looks OK, not a big fan of that collar strap though
Uhhhh, sure, guess I'll post a fit, why not Robert Geller Ute Ploier Fiorentini + Baker
"Kaneda, what do you see?"
Just let me know what you have, thanks!
Just like the title says, thanks!
Fuckkkk that sucks, I hate coat checks. Time to put backpack straps on everything
I love my Uniqlo oxfords. I still have my ones from a year or two ago when they first released them with that grosgrain stripe. Fit perfectly, and have a decent weight to them IMO. GBV are definitely beefier, but for the price they are pretty fantastic
Wow, if that's all there is that sucks. Oh well.
Did you get those Schneider pants tailored at all? I think I own the same pair and they seem to fit a lot looser.
So I think the Spring +J stuff is supposed to be dropping today; but not sure if that includes online...
New Posts  All Forums: