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Do want
I feel ya on this one man, I love Siki stuff and own a number of items, but so hard to find anything new. His stuff for this spring looks really cool, but not even a hint of it online
You have a non-hooded Zam leather too right Bene? I've never been able to get on board with hooded leather jackets; always looks off to me
I really want some more lightweight Schneider outerwear, wish there were some more colors for jackets this year. Really want some more blues/greens. Think I might pick up the saltire though
Whoever bought those Schneider pants hit me up if they don't work out.
Well @el Bert is probably the hardest possible act to follow, oh well. Just got both the pants and top in the mail today; the top is ridiculously oversized; but kinda like how it drapes. Peir Wu Peir Wu Common Projects
Thanks for all the recommendations everyone!
Been debating some of the thick sole CPs (those Geller ones look awesome) and I've always fancied a pair of black Yuketen's with the ripple sole. Problem for me is always finding stuff in my size, I have the feet of a small child/fat baby (40 in CPs, 41 in most other things)
Good chunky sole shoes/boots to wear with Peir Wu/Schneider pants? I assume Ann Dem and Yang Li are two good options, any others?
Nope, not allowed @oulipien
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