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I feel like if I could trade my gray merino for the charcoal version, I'd sell my Alpaca jacket in anthracite so I wouldn't have the redundancy in my closet...and then maybe pick up the sage. Wish my closet had more room, want more Schneider
John Elliott + Co Burgundy Crewneck? Inexplicably a place in KC carries some JE, and they have it in my size at 30% off.
What TOJ did you get moo?
Hard to tell from that photo newcomer, but fit looks good to me, feel like it would be too small in a 50
Awesome, thanks 4est; thinking I might have to buy it as a present to myself; fabric looks incredible
Yeah I'm all over the place, I've had 4s fit me for some of them, 5's for others, and I've even had to size up to a 6 for some of the really slim ones (Base, Patio).
Anyone that has the denim blue garden shirt from NMWA, any insight into how it fits? I took a size 4 in the merino, and in most schneider knits, but his shirting is all over the place
Jacket fits great sinnedk, but I really don't like the blue jeans with that. Not sure if it's the level of fade contrast or what, but throws the whole thing off for me. In my mind I see it working a lot better with some Zam pants or something along those lines
Whoever picked up the light gray burhead trousers off of SP in a 4...I hate you:slapfight:
I owned the Berber at one point, it fit really slim, I needed a 5 (4 in merino) and even that was slim with high armholes.
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