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Also, what was the name of the guy that had the ridiculous post about his espresso maker? CD-something? For some reason kstyle reminds me of him
All of the conversation about kstyles fit brings up a question: is there a forum that exists for more of the GQ/#menswear style? It wouldn't be a place I would ever want to visit, but I just wonder if there's a "place" for that kind of look? Or so they all just end up creating their own terrible blogs?
^not sure why that has been on there for so long. Good price, would have picked it up long ago if it was a 46
I wish that Plokhov leather that used to own would work on me reedo, too bad I think it would be too long, and too tight on my torso
Yeah, I saw that one, good price, but I really prefer the paneling and details of the Intarsia
Yeah, pretty sure I would need a 50 in the newer rick sizing
Is the TOJ black as well? I've decided I need to not buy anything else until I save up for either a 5 zip or intarsia
Weird, I have a size 4 of that and it looks a lot longer on me. I'm only about 145-150 (trying-ish to bulk up a bit), but minus the length mine fits me about the same
Damn, you're my height. What size is the SS?
You won't be disappointed Raindrop
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