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Someone smaller than me should grab this, almost tempted to risk buying it but I feel like it'll be too slim Ute Ploier
Not that I need any other bombers, but how does patch bomber fit?
Yep, I believe so
Want more color in my life, not sure it would mesh with my wardrobe though
A few recent ones Ute Ploier (XS, hoping it will fit me) Stephan Schneider Patrik Ervell (Hidden Placket version) Patrik Ervell Fiorentini + Baker
I haven't had glasses in awhile but have been wanting some - there wouldn't be any issues with turning those sunglasses frames to normal glasses would there?
That Geller is great, it's pretty lightweight though just FYI
Of the Attachment long coats, I liked this one the best personally:
Damn, not bad shirt prices...still would be interested if anyone wanted to oroxy
And I'd love a lightweight pocket sweater in a medium
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