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The price will undoubtedly be crazy, but I do love the look of this shearling Siki Im leather, wonder if anyone will carry it
^get me a job at Google
I'm looking forward to going there again when I'm up there in a few weeks. Hoping they get some of the more interesting outerwear. Same for their Siki Im buy
Damn did not realize those Siki Im shorts were discounted so heavily; I done missed out
I did see that Machus (awesome store) is going to be stocking Geller this coming season.
Damn, Siki Im MA-1 in size 1 fits nearly perfect (little tight along the back, but fits loose in body, would probably look weird a size up); was kind of hoping I wouldn't like it, was a bit pricey
Yes, you are probably a US 40/Euro 50, judging from your measurements at least. That being said, judging by wearing a size II in Siki Im amd TOJ sizing, I think maybe your measurements might be a little off , and you're probably a 38/48
^Euro 44, US 34
I wish, though maybe eventually. Tempted by that size 48 2.3 TOJ DR...but find myself really looking at an Intarsia. Would love a 5-zip, but finding a decent color in my size seems mostly impossible
I'm the "buys jacket, then sells it, then regrets it" man...man. But really, I just can never decide what leather jacket style to go for. Some days I thin TOJ rider, others RO high neck
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