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^Euro 44, US 34
I wish, though maybe eventually. Tempted by that size 48 2.3 TOJ DR...but find myself really looking at an Intarsia. Would love a 5-zip, but finding a decent color in my size seems mostly impossible
I'm the "buys jacket, then sells it, then regrets it" man...man. But really, I just can never decide what leather jacket style to go for. Some days I thin TOJ rider, others RO high neck
Art that looks so awesome...why don't I own a leather jacket yet
I think I've owned 5-6 Geller button ups, sold then all. Only ones that I'd still consider would be the tie bar one in burgundy, and maybe one of the fencing shirts. I even owned one of the dip dye button ups and was unimpressed
Damn you...where's you get it from? Trade me for my bomber
What bomber?
I don't remember seeing any pictures of the blood red shirt, will be really interested in that. I like the shape of the "new alpaca jacket" for this season, but I just can't get behind the zipper on it
Not that I should be buying anything else, but...
If its a new item from a Japanese store it depends, though proxying is often cheaper. I use fromjapan.co.jp; and they should have a calculator you can use to determine the final price after fees and shipping
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