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Not feeling the turtleneck + flight pants casey, might just be me though
Which things you pick up crosswound? Some really nice stuff on there, but already have versions of most of the pieces on there
Siki Im bomber bros
Also, what was the name of the guy that had the ridiculous post about his espresso maker? CD-something? For some reason kstyle reminds me of him
All of the conversation about kstyles fit brings up a question: is there a forum that exists for more of the GQ/#menswear style? It wouldn't be a place I would ever want to visit, but I just wonder if there's a "place" for that kind of look? Or so they all just end up creating their own terrible blogs?
^not sure why that has been on there for so long. Good price, would have picked it up long ago if it was a 46
I wish that Plokhov leather that used to own would work on me reedo, too bad I think it would be too long, and too tight on my torso
Yeah, I saw that one, good price, but I really prefer the paneling and details of the Intarsia
Yeah, pretty sure I would need a 50 in the newer rick sizing
Is the TOJ black as well? I've decided I need to not buy anything else until I save up for either a 5 zip or intarsia
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