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Matching jacket for the Ute Ploier pants I picked up?
Removed at the request of another user
To be honest, looks exactly like the outfit someone would wear walking out of a Guess store, or something in that same "group"
(any idea as to when the first batch will be listed on the store?)
Alcohol + smartphones: unnecessary purchases Stephan Schneider
I'll go ahead and give this one a shot. Here would be my basic, entry level suggestions:Hair: not doing you any favors, however my hair type is much different from yours, so not sure what I'd recommendFrames: not a good look, looks very childish to me. I'd recommend Warby Parker for some cheap decent looking frame options.Shirt: polo shirts are pretty universally disliked on this forum, and that one fits way too large and is being worn with a white undershirt. For very...
Haha, yeah after thinking about it I realized it would not be a good look for me. Works for bows, but not for me. Still need to find a decent pair of shorts though
Siki Im?
That's weird, I got it in the 36 and I'm normally a 36/46, and it was drastically too small
^if it's the one that's on Yoox, it fits super slim
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