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I have a very narrow range of labels that I purchase from, which I'd really like to expand upon in the future to other things (Our Legacy, Dana Lee, some others). The ones I own 3 or more of are Robert Geller Patrik Ervell Stephan Schneider Common Projects Uniqlo +J Uniqlo AA (tees) I honestly don't own much that isn't of those brands. I own a pair of MMM sneaks, some F+B and NDC boots, and my Siki Im high collar coat. Honestly can't think of anything of anything else...
I actually think it is men's, that one pops up on Y! pretty often, in both that colorway and the blue + white one *edit: and damn it, I was looking at that coat, spot blown (not really though, probably wasn't going to remember to bid on it)
I think it's been free shipping for orders over $200 for awhile, maybe that was it?
^It's actually an XS, though I'm a 46 and it seems to fit pretty well. I wish Ervell sizing made any sense at all, I seem to range between an XS to a medium. And as far as picking it up, it's from FW11 unfortunately ...AND I KNOW REEDO! I really do need to sell some (but I doubt the one you want is included)
At first was undecided about this Ervell, but thinking it might be a keeper Ervell AA Uniqlo MMM
New Amsterdam is my cheap option for Gin actually
Even worse for me than too tight in the pits is too tight in the shoulders
What's that shirt Synth?
My medium gray MDR should get here tomorrow. Do it casey!
Damn it, someone find me an Ervell unstructured blazer in a size 40 and I'll sell them my Geller drifter jacket, can't believe I have to size up 2 from my normal suit size for it
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