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Damn, you're my height. What size is the SS?
You won't be disappointed Raindrop
This should be an instant purchase for someone, I have it in a small and it's the most amazing coat I own. One of the best TOJ pieces ever IMO http://www.styleforum.net/t/364260/toj-cracked-pepper-fishtail-size-xs/0_100
I hope anyone wearing that t shirt gets taken into an alley and beaten
Damn, have I been passing on all these size 3s for no reason, I'm about the same size as chaos. Then again, I do like my knits pretty slouchy
Stephan Schneider Double Rider Jacket - Gray - Size IV (46-48) -> $200 Shipped CONUS Measurements:
Patrik Ervell SS10 Pima Cotton Cardigan - Navy - Small -> $150 Shipped CONUS Measurements:
Wish they had the wool double rider from last year, regret not picking that one up
I can't even comprehend how good that kg fit is, one of the best IMO
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