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That's weird, I wore my painted MMMs for both days of FYF Fest, which included moshing at the METZ, Black Flag and Death Grips sets; and they still look great
Maybe it's because the lighting in the pictures is terrible, but really doesn't look that bad.
Looks great reedo!
Visited Frances May and Machus today in Portland. Petar (?) coat is great, really hoping one makes it to sale in my size. They also had the khaki zipper blazer, which fits true to size (46). At Machus tried on the leather jacket (Justin said it will be online by the end of the week), fits incredibly slim, had to size up to a 50. Dot shirt is also great looking.
Fly into LA tonight, no idea what to do, any recommendations?
Yesh, we'll see; I honestly think I might need a 50 as well since I've started lifting again. Hopefully I'll be surprised and it will magically fit
Damn snowman And probably not going to fit, but it's Yoox, so worth a look
I say yes. What is it?
I cannot seem to stop listening to this song. The singer (Emma Ruth Rundle) also plays in the band Red Sparowes
That purple version is amazing, I've never seen that colorway before
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