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man, that color of the Schneider base shirt is still the best, too bad so few were made. Other hidden placket options: Calvin Klein Collection, if you can find anyone selling the old Uniqlo x Undercover ones those were ok quality.
That Rick
Damn, I was gonna say I have a size 4 being returned to NMWA to be exchanged for the 5
I contacted the belgium store asking about the hidden placket shirts, and they do not have those thick flannel versions. What size are you looking for?
I emailed them asking if they were going to have further drops, they said yes, but didn't give any exact time. I looked back at my emails from last year, looks like they did additional drops around the 30th of january?
Nice, just grabbed burheads for crazy price from GP. Kind of wanted to pick up more, but nothing stood out to me as much Edit: wow, didn't even realize it was CAD, got the burheads for even cheaper than I realized...might have to buy more stuff
How thick is the leather? Might have to pull the trigger when I get home from work.
Where'd you pick that up from? Exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for
As per the title, looking to buy a leather jacket. Namely looking for a Calfskin TOJ MDR or 2013 DR, but also open to MMM 5-Zip, or other heavy leather jackets. Just let me know what have, thanks!
You definitely need to post a fit when you get that stitchy; been debating that one myself
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