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Common Projects Cap-Toe - Gray - Size 40 -> $140 Shipped CONUS *Includes box and dustbags
The fact that they are loafers
I went to see Crystal Castles and Pictureplane last night. Most lit I've been at a show in a long time...and then one of the girls I went to the show with took my Ervell patterned cuff jacket and ran off with it, found her hours later at a bar still wearing it
Wait, really? Yup, guess so, well there's one on eBay too in a small...nevermind, there was one, that I just bought
eBay, had a pretty reasonable BIN price too
Damn you fishbones, I was eyeing that too haha. Good pickup (let me know if it doesn't work out)
So awesome Vita
Skinny-fat for life. RFT: I need to stop buying outerwear and get some non-basic summer stuff; but I don't even know where to start
Also, new Deafheaven track is great
My favorite thus far thewho
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