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^that's the one. Also hard to go wrong with free shipping and free returns.
I finally bought a pair after the last show I went to; having muffled hearing a day or two after a show makes me nervous
^and I second that
For almost 40% off, couldn't really say no
Ugh they are my size...but I just bought some flyknits...shouldn't buy...hmmm
Which granite button down?
heading out to a bar while wearing it...so keeping it lol
Geller MOON shirt is so perfect, probably keeping it. Also the Seconds pocket shirt I grabbed is great; 100% success rate for that round.
Sometimes I really hate WAYWT
To further clarify, I owned this exact jacket in a 46; and it definitely fit on the larger side. I wouldn't say a full size large, but would probably be best for a big 46 to a 47
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