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I've not handled it so I can't speak to warmth or quality, but I think it's very nice looking. I've been looking at it specifically because I have so many long coats with hoods; seemed like a nice clean looking design. And I like the raglan shoulders on it.
Hard to ignore the advice of the leather jacket god @nicelynice. And I think that's probably what i'm leaning towards; I think it's more a factor of impatience of not finding a 5-zip or calf TOJ DR right now. So, moral of the story is I guess I need to be patient Thanks everyone!
I'm turning 27 too! And good advice
I don't even know anymore I like the Zam over the 10sei0otto I think, though worried it'll be too aggressive looking for me. Like the idea of a 5-zip, though the ones I've tried have fit me kind of wonky so IDK. Have a TOJ MDR right now in lamb, but feels so soft and fragile to me; really want something in calfskin or a similarly thick leather. Guess I'll have to think on it and try to figure out what I want And NWI, I think it's actually a pretty good price for it. ...
I like that Ervell NWI, kinda been debating the light gray version myself. Basically a repost, but...Zam Barrett [[SPOILER]] Or10sei0otto (and let's say this one is half the price of the ZB...) [[SPOILER]] OrGet something more conservative like MMM 5 zip or TOJ DR of some sort?
Damn, what I get for being lazy about grabbing the figaria (lemme know if it's too big Regg )
Anyone know how the Pine and Figaria fit? Debating both.
Those look great @el Bert, really need to get my hands on some chunky derbies of some sort
Those cream leather GATS are nice, like those better than that classic white & gray
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