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Nom de Guerre. I probably don't need it, but I really do like the design of it, and think it would be a nice slightly more rugged winter coat option
What size did you get?
I think my prices are fair. I will say that the demand for people to be dropping prices constantly is kind of misguided. I'll have pieces sell for my full asking price after they've been up for a month +, sometimes just needs the right exposure and timing to sell
Looking for the Stephan Schneider Departure Shirt in red or blue Size IV. Just let me know, thanks!
As per the listing, looking for the Bless Hoodcoat in wool in black, size large. Thanks!
Trade you for those ute pants bene (especially since I have the jacket )
Few things recently: Zam (actually got a pair of black linen ones as well, but can't find a proper picture of them) Petar Petrov Geller Anddd...RO (drunk Y! Japan purchase)
Common Project BBall His - Vintage/White - Size 40 -> $250 $240 $230 shipped CONUS
And g tran got it from me, round and round it goes (should fit you art)
^deets man, looks great
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