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@kindofyoung has really found his look, love the proportions on that fit
I wonder if the fit is different between the colors, unless you also picked up the nimbus color from Notre; because as I recall you wear a 5 in the exhausts, while I wear a 4
Yup! The 5's I got were like tights on my thighs and butt. 7s fit surprisingly well. I could probably have worn a 6 too, but honestly for a light-weight trouser they probably would have been too tight in the seat. I might get them tapered a bit just because I love pants with a sharp taper, but I could easily go without. Really weird, I have bigger thighs than some from squats, but I'm not lifting very high weight at all
My latest adventure in Schneider sizing: Ordered size 4 of the Exhausts from last spring in a 4 off Rakuten, fit perfectly Notre let me exchange my size 5 Amor for the size 7 on the off-chance they would fit...and they fit perfectly
Mainly looking for the one that sold on Grailed, missed out on it by not being around over the weekend to complete the deal. Just hit me up, thanks!
I see that Ethosens brand pop up all the time on Y!, anyone handled it before?
Those look fantastic @StanleyVanBuren
I bet that Thom Browne sample sale will be an utter cluster-fuck
edit: and thanks!
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