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Would honestly love to see an SS reissue of a coat without a hood, although Alpaca jacket would still be cool
I'd be on board for any Schneider in a color like that. Color blocked option would be cool too.
That shawl collar bomber in some different (non-black) colors would be very cool. Some of the other Rugs to Riches stuff would be cool for a reissue, I actually would love to see the Wick coat come back from At Both Ends. Edit: exactly what @NaTionS said, would love just about any non-hooded coat in that color
This one? [[SPOILER]] Would love any Schneider re-release (I personally would love the plain jacket from Frozen Waves, but that's because I already have the Alpaca bomber)
Love that Ute coat, do you know what season it is? (Also, just go ahead and sell it to me )
I'm not sure which suede side zips they are, I picked them up off Yahoo Japan. They are really nice though, quality is really good.
Stephan Schneider Stephan Schneider Peir Wu Buttero
I've been debating ordering something along those lines from Falcon Garments
That the diesel blue suede @magicalporks? Looks great!
Anyone have any insight on how the Points cardigan and the Players trousers fit?
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