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Damn that Robert suit looks great
No black or gray, bummer
Also, didn't realize it was our own @artishard116 that did the photos!
@The3rdConch0rd I think that might be one of my favorite fits of yours, pants look great. Yeezys don't do a whole lot for me, but seem to fit well with everything else
Bene it's alright man, just give all your Schneider to me, I'll take good care of it
Fits in waist, thighs and seat too tight
Shit want to trade for 6, need to edit that title
BNWT Stephan Schneider Amor Trousers - Nimbus - Size 5 (30-32) -> $105 Shipped CONUS *Also interested in trading for size 6 of the same pants Measurements: Waist (elastic): 14" Front Rise: 9 1/2" Inseam: 31" Hem: 6.5"
If anyone here happened to pick up the Amor in Nimbus in a 6 off of Notre Shop and they don't work out for you...hit me up. I got the 5 and it is too small for me
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