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It's you (no hate)
I like the blue, looks really nice
Those new tourist shirts look really nice, trying to decide which color I want to get
I'd also be curious to hear about how the Yamada pants fit. I've never owned any Nylon pants, kinda want some as a summer option. (also, someone sell me some older season pants in a size 48)
Hmmm well that's confusing. I'm definitely a 48/Medium in most brands. But my Spring weight Veilance stuff fits large, or at least would definitely allow for a very thick layer underneath.
Sigh, that's a bummer
Sizing advice for Field Jacket IS - I'm a standard 48/Medium. My Partition coat and Field Jacket LT are both size small - could I swing a Medium in the IS? Or would that be too big?
The name of one of his collections (AW07?) as well as a song
Yeah I like the mixed material aspect of it, mostly worried it will "overlap" with that new Peir Wu coat too much, but I'm pretty tempted
I have a lot of long coats already, but kinda tempted...(Ffixxed)
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