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I still regret selling my 46 N3, someone bigger (@OccultaVexillum?) should jump on that, such an awesome piece of outerwear
So I'm having a hard time figuring out what is on sale with this. Is it everything marked with that "Shopping Party" text. And is the price that's shown the discount price, or is the discount done elsewhere?
Well if anyone has a size 46 Emile they just hate having hit me up That size 48 looks great on you though!
^assume the 48 worked out for you then?
^I tried a few different things at Notre Shop and they were all excluded, wish they had a list somewhere
I'm a big fan of the new James Blake, I'm a huge fan boy for him in general though. I'm debating going to the Eau Claire festival in Wisconsin to see him + Bon Iver
I love Chance too (seen him 5 times lol), but I'd agree that parts of Coloring book fell a little flat for me. There are some really fun songs, but there were a number that just didn't grab me (Same Drugs, Blessings, a few others). I'm hoping those other tracks will grow on me over future listens. Overall I think it's a good album, just not on the "great" level that Acid Rap was IMO
^ Actually that's 100% against the rules of this thread, no promoting of your own products allowed @SpooPoker
What size did you get Caveat?
I saw that one on Y!, looks so cool. Still sometimes regret not picking up that embroidered bomber.
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