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Yeah, I wondered about some of the pieces, well hopefully the one I grabbed isn't horribly disfigured lol
Yeah, it popped up this morning along with some other unusual Geller pieces. Kinda tempted by the fur collar bomber, suede rider and fencing blazer on there; but think I'll pass for now.
Really want one of those long coats at Carson, so nice looking
12,000 yen ($100)
Just got this off Y!, not sure what season it's from but couldn't resist at the price
Yeah, I think it could look good. Would love some Siki cropped black pants to wear it with, but I'm sure I can make do. Will still keep my eyes out for a ZB though!
Just not sure how it'd look like, on my body I guess? I actually have the exact same coat in wool and it fits well, just wonder if the detailing would look odd in person on a leather jacket; but I'm probably overthinking it lol
I wasn't impressed with the Rick intarsia I had either, that and I really don't want elastic-bomber style cuffs. I'll have to keep ZB in mind. Also kinda tempted by this Siki one, although I think the paneling might make it a little weird to wear.
Yeah, price is a little hefty for my budget Kinda tempted to get a cheap 10sei0otto one for a minimalist black leather.
How does it mesh with your Schneider stuff? I've been tempted by ZB leathers, but feared them being too aggressive for my aesthetic
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