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Anyone have any experience with Fffixxed? Brand name is kinda lame, but all of the photos I've seen of their stuff look great
N(N) so cool
IDK if it's what you're looking for, the but black Uniqlo skinny fit tapered's actually seem to stretch a lot. My pair that I have is the only pair that still fits me OK; but not sure if the current ones still have that level of stretch.
Are those the plum melange Peir Wu pants?
Ahhh, oh well; if they look different for some reason I'll just return.
^ said US size 11, but oh well, kopped
Feeling oddly tempted by the Vibskov stuff on Yoox
Which wash are those bert? I didn't like the look of the stock photos for the distressed versions online
Hoping for short sleeve button-ups, I still have one from '11 or '12, and I wear it a ton in the summer
Thanks everyone for the recommendations. I just grabbed a pair of the Uniqlo ones to try. Might pick up one of those pairs of Levis as well. Do J-shaped denim/pants lend themselves to that sort of fit? I'd imagine Attachment would be too slim (never tried Attachment denim), but maybe Zams?
New Posts  All Forums: