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Looking to buy the Stephan Schneider Ijevan Cardigan in size 4. Preferably in one of the lighter gray colorways. Just let me know what you have, thanks!
As per the title, looking to buy the Stephan Schneider Plain jacket from FW11 in a size 4. Just let me know what you have, thanks!
Interested in trading for a different colorway of this jacket, or for other Schneider grails (see WTB ads). Just let me know what you have, thanks!
Stephan Schneider Wick Coat - Blue Melange - Size 4 (46-48) -> $400 Shipped CONUS *Interested in trades for other Stephan Schneider coats, namely in lighter gray colors. Measurements: Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 17" Pit-to-Pit: 21" Sleeve: 26" Length: 32"
If I could find a leather to replace it with I'm going to go through with selling my MDR. Honestly just wish I could trade it out for a calf MDR or 2013 DR...or 5 zip. Anyways, get this thread back on track:Schneider
I've become too fat for your stuff @nahneun
Damn, I kind of figured that had to be the one you got, but was holdin' out hope...guess you'll just have to sell your 5 zip instead
Spot blown...though I assumed that was the one reedo bought? If not...hands off everyone lol
Showed my dad the Zam Barret from the "Should I" thread, and now he's browsing Zam's website looking for one in his size
Think I'm probably going to go for it, just waiting on some measurements now
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