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^no, you need a Schneider bomber more/sell me the departure shirt.
T is the only thing off I see, just a little bit looser neck opening is all
I wish I had been at that show
Well, impulse buy ahead
^ you're the one that bought that SS shirt? Damn you reedo, I always regretted sleeping on that one on their site
^when I stopped in when I was in Portland in November it was completely dead...they had some pretty cool Bless stuff though, almost bought my GF one of the printed shirts they had
^Sometimes I still regret selling my small of this jacket to g tran, someone should grab that one
B!CD, what's the T? I like the color a lot
Just got my Geller zipper blazer in the mail (the shiny old season one) and it's really cool...feel like the shininess is a little too much for me though; kind of want to get the black or navy version instead now
Want to buy some gray or navy tapered pants. Very interested in Ute Ploier Base Camp trousers, or from brands like Petar Petrov or Stephan Schneider. To fit size 46-48.
New Posts  All Forums: