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John Elliott + Co Burgundy Crewneck? Inexplicably a place in KC carries some JE, and they have it in my size at 30% off.
What TOJ did you get moo?
Hard to tell from that photo newcomer, but fit looks good to me, feel like it would be too small in a 50
Awesome, thanks 4est; thinking I might have to buy it as a present to myself; fabric looks incredible
Yeah I'm all over the place, I've had 4s fit me for some of them, 5's for others, and I've even had to size up to a 6 for some of the really slim ones (Base, Patio).
Anyone that has the denim blue garden shirt from NMWA, any insight into how it fits? I took a size 4 in the merino, and in most schneider knits, but his shirting is all over the place
Jacket fits great sinnedk, but I really don't like the blue jeans with that. Not sure if it's the level of fade contrast or what, but throws the whole thing off for me. In my mind I see it working a lot better with some Zam pants or something along those lines
Whoever picked up the light gray burhead trousers off of SP in a 4...I hate you:slapfight:
I owned the Berber at one point, it fit really slim, I needed a 5 (4 in merino) and even that was slim with high armholes.
Might not be mindless action, but still intensely action oriented (and if you do watch it, watch the original series not the three movies that came out with).Slight derail from anime-talk: this music video strikes me as mildly SF-approved
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