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Kicking myself for not picking up the BEE, really wish I had picked one up in a 4
That Cloak jacket is still so good
Well I bought that Geller leather, not sure if its going to work or not
As per the description, looking for the Plain Jacket in a size IV, thanks!
Damn Dbear, that looks amazing. I really like the gray over the black version
Really wish I could trade my dark gray Ijevan for the blue or burgundy version. Gray is cool and all, but would love to have some color in there
Is that the blue version of the Ijevan (or however it's spelled) snake?
Well c4est, if you do decide you don't want it, lemme know
I stopped by SUC on Thursday, the cardigans are both women's, no men's stuff there
Moto fits really slim, size up at least one. I had to size up to a 50, and I wear a 46 in pretty much all of the Geller I own
New Posts  All Forums: