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Hey hey hey, I want to keep it, but it fits crazy slim, even more slim than the medium black wool version I owned
That version looks way better IMO from the other one, good pickup
Soooo good melon, what season is that?
Cyc, do not think my hood coat would fit you; it's pretty slim on me and I think I'm a size down from you or so
Bless No 40 Hoodcoat - Dark Charcoal - Size Large (46/S) -> $600 $550 $500 Shipped CONUS Measurements: Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 17" Pit-to-Pit: 21" Sleeve: 25" Length: 38"
Aviator for sure, though probably way more expensive
Your best fit, that's great KOY Also, what jeans are those?
As per the listing, looking for a black TOJ MDR with gunmetal zips to fit a 48. Just let me know what you have, thanks.
As per the listing, looking to buy any and all Siki Im stuff in size 1 & 2, just let me know what you have, thanks!
Boiled wool Siki Im was so good (still sad it didn't fit me). Really like my Siki Im bomber from this last spring, really nice details
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