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Awesome, I'll be there with the GF until we leave Saturday (and yes in Portland, OR )
Why do you think that?
August 26-30. I'm going to be in LA the 24th and 25th for the FYF Festival (finally get to see My Bloody Valentine!), and then flying from there up to Portland and meeting my GF there.
that's why you just stay inebriated as consistently as possible
Ha, sounds like you'll be there around the time I'll be in Portland (though I think you said you're not living there anymore)
Siki Im Wool Stealth Jacket - Black - Size I (44-46) -> $300 Shipped CONUS *Note: would prefer to trade for a Size II in this jacket or another Siki Im jacket Measurements: Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 16" Pit-to-Pit: 20 1/2" Sleeve: 26 1/2" Length: 27"
BNWT Stephan Schneider Check Bomber - Black Check - Size IV (46-48) -> $185 Shipped CONUS Measurements: Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 17 1/4" Pit-to-Pit: 21" Sleeve: 26" Length: 28"
Not sure the quality is any nicer than Uniqlo, and might not work out timing wise, but maybe something like COS?
Ssshhhh, don't go telling everyone
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