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So, are AA Loose Crew T Shirts still the best option for cheap moderately-slutty t shirts for summer?
Hmmm, wonder if those 41s would fit me; probably too big for my baby feet though
Soooo, how does Jun boot sizing run
That Belstaff seems like a kind of radical departure from your other stuff. IDK, looks OK, not a big fan of that collar strap though
Uhhhh, sure, guess I'll post a fit, why not Robert Geller Ute Ploier Fiorentini + Baker
"Kaneda, what do you see?"
Just let me know what you have, thanks!
Just like the title says, thanks!
Fuckkkk that sucks, I hate coat checks. Time to put backpack straps on everything
I love my Uniqlo oxfords. I still have my ones from a year or two ago when they first released them with that grosgrain stripe. Fit perfectly, and have a decent weight to them IMO. GBV are definitely beefier, but for the price they are pretty fantastic
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