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Now time to wait expectantly for news on my merino pre-order from NMWA
Not that I need it, but measurements look perfect, and the material looks fantastic
Stop blowing my spot nicelynice
Liszt, what Veilance jacket is that? Looks great.
Really wish I had the money to try out some Peir stuff, it looks so nice
Something about the combination of the hidden placket and the pattern on that shirt just doesn't do it for me
Just checked out AKOG for the first time; somehow I thought it would be horrible pseudo-goth ninja stuff (what I assume all poorly named brands are apparently)...and damn it, I really like a lot of their clothes. That is a terrible name though, don't think I can get past it
I just got done with watching all 143 episodes of Hunter x Hunter that are out right now...
What big pants koy?
I'm a 46/48 and 5'9"; and the large I have fits pretty much perfectly. I can't imagine anything larger than a 44 fitting that medium. Which is too bad, I love the color of that one
New Posts  All Forums: