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^ said US size 11, but oh well, kopped
Feeling oddly tempted by the Vibskov stuff on Yoox
Which wash are those bert? I didn't like the look of the stock photos for the distressed versions online
Hoping for short sleeve button-ups, I still have one from '11 or '12, and I wear it a ton in the summer
Thanks everyone for the recommendations. I just grabbed a pair of the Uniqlo ones to try. Might pick up one of those pairs of Levis as well. Do J-shaped denim/pants lend themselves to that sort of fit? I'd imagine Attachment would be too slim (never tried Attachment denim), but maybe Zams?
I feel like this has to have been asked before; but I couldn't find much with a search: recommendations for jeans with roomy thigh and sharp taper? Normally wear Uniqlo skinny tapered all the time; but thighs are too big from lifting now
Have that same one, wear it constantly
I think a lot of the tees you wear are just too slutty Bene
Just like the title says!
Just like the title says!
New Posts  All Forums: