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That's a bummer, but I definitely think a DR would work well for you. I feel like I'm seeing a lot more used TOJ MDRs pop up in smaller sizes around that price range lately, so you'll probably be able to snag one eventually.
@kindofyoung Do it, quilted DR's are great, think you could pull one off too.
Siki Im Spring Bomber I have this in a II, it's one of my favorite jackets http://gra*led/listings/79360-siki-im-stealth-bomber-ss13
Thankfully no damage to the leather; and that's a good recommendation @OccultaVexillum, their store is pretty close by where I live too. And if that doesn't return anything I might have to look at sending it somewhere to get it fixed, or gamble on a local tailor of some sort.
So, I just purchased an MMM 5-zip off the forum, and it's perfect...but I managed to somehow rip off the snap on the band collar The jacket came with the replacements for the snap, but I'm not sure where to take it to have it fixed...should I try to find someone that specifically works on leather goods? I did some half-hearted google searches, but not much coming up for my area (Kansas City is not exactly a bustling metropolis of clothing repair or tailoring)
Is the TOJ calf cyc? Looks really nice
Holy shit Oski, perfect
Good fit Bene, love the Schneider shirt with everything else. How do you like the Matthew Millers?
I think that's a really good Bene fit...if you undid the bottom button on that cardigan. Which schneider pants are those?
Generally my experience is that MMM is way more comfortable than CPs, but CPs seem to stand up to wear and tear a bit better, but YMMV
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