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Alcohol + smartphones: unnecessary purchases Stephan Schneider
I'll go ahead and give this one a shot. Here would be my basic, entry level suggestions:Hair: not doing you any favors, however my hair type is much different from yours, so not sure what I'd recommendFrames: not a good look, looks very childish to me. I'd recommend Warby Parker for some cheap decent looking frame options.Shirt: polo shirts are pretty universally disliked on this forum, and that one fits way too large and is being worn with a white undershirt. For very...
Haha, yeah after thinking about it I realized it would not be a good look for me. Works for bows, but not for me. Still need to find a decent pair of shorts though
Siki Im?
That's weird, I got it in the 36 and I'm normally a 36/46, and it was drastically too small
^if it's the one that's on Yoox, it fits super slim
Damn, was hoping it would apply to shoes. Probably just need to suck it up and buy the ones I'm looking at
No, sharp service is the worst, stay away from them. They used to be great, but they've gone very downhill. I swear by FromJapan as a proxy, though SuTuCorp is very good too
I didn't see the extra 30% on any if the things I checked, I assume only select products?
Everytime I see the picture of the new DR it makes me think that's the one I should order before TOJ closes it's doors; really need to decide on one.
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