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Holy shit, that thing is amazing
And he greatly appreciates it Iffff someone likes the coat and wants a unique version of it, I think there's one around....(message me)
It's the hidden placket one in charcoal, not the one with the elasticated chest pocket (although I also got that in green). I think a 48 would be the size for you
Related, I picked up the Gabardine shirt in both of those photos, it is really nice. Super comfy, thick material with a bit of stretch. I grabbed the 46 (normally a 48) and it still fits a bit loose without being too oversized.
Yup, I'm the exact same with the shirts, always been a 5 in the past but the 4 in the painting shirt fits me perfect
Someone should grab the Peir Wu. I regret selling my 46
From FW12, I believe it's called the Sisian. Grabbed it off Rakuten for dirt cheap
Black Friday went...well?Stephan Schneider [[SPOILER]] Peir Wu [[SPOILER]] Margiela [[SPOILER]]
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