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Yeah, All Saints on sale is kinda the sort of thing I was thinking of. Or some other established brand where he could potentially try it on first and get an idea of his fit. I looked on All Saints site though, and most of their offerings are pretty over-designed. Any other brands kinda around that range? I was thinking maybe rag and bone, but they don't have anything in the vein he was looking for
Alright, have a question: my friend is looking for a leather jacket (he's never owned one before). After sending him a few pictures he's into the look of a Collared Moto (like the one from TOJ/FG), or a CWU-45 (although preferably without the arm-pocket). Also...his budget is $400, but he's willing to go used. I've been wracking my brain trying to think of options for him. Obviously if I can find a used TOJ one in his size that would work (he's 6'3", generally wears a big...
Wow, I don't think I've seen that one before. That FW12 stuff is so nice looking, really like that long zip-cardigan thing.
Only goes back to AW14/15 on the site unfortunately. FW13 is awesome. I had the chance to buy that laser cut sweater but was too broke...many regrets
Does anyone have good links to the full lookbooks for the past seasons of Peir? I seem to have a hard time locating some of the seasons. Also, went back and looked at some of @snowmanxl's past fits (mild creeper factor), and man he has some cool Peir stuff. really envious of those cream colored moto pants (which I now have the matching coat for ) and that blue zipper blazer.
I still regret not buying more of the Siki Im stuff you sold toasty (that bull bomber was so cool) His stuff just seems so impossible to find for sale online, and his last few seasons have not looked all that great to me. I really like the look of his SS17 though, hopefully someplace actually picks it up
Yeah, price even dropped on it but still think it looks off. So, what about this one... Peir Wu
That fit is awesome, what's the jacket?
Yeah I get that, I like aspects of it and really love lapel-less blazers and coats; but should probably let this one slide on by
Siki Im Blazer? Or too much overlap with my Peir Wu lapel-less blazer?
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