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Well that decides it [[SPOILER]]
Just got back from a trip to Seattle to visit my friend, got a chance to stop in Totokaelo. Such a cool space, would definitely recommend visiting if you're in the area. I talked for a bit with one of the people that worked there and geeked out about Geller & Cloak (he was Ricked out from head to toe). Would have stayed way longer but wife & friend were bored pretty quickly by it
Someone sell me a 2013 DR in some kinda non-black or brown color to fit a 48
Or decorate Alcatraz to look like a Uniqlo, even better
Don't suppose anyone with one of the khaki tencel bombers in a 46 would wanna trade for a black one? Really like it, just have so much black outerwear
There's a 5 too
If it's that Schneider blazer that's on eBay that's being discussed...back off of it I already have the pants, want the jacket too
Schneider makes women's clothing up to that size? I thought 3 was the largest women's went.
Might be too big on me, but thanks for the heads up!
So if I wear a 40 in CPs I could maybe get away with a 39?
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