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If anyone is gonna be there I'd be interested in a proxy
Also intrigued by sample sale
Jealous of that Peir Wu piece, looks great!
I believe it's an OG TOJ Band Collar rider, first version they put out
No more buying for me for a long time (buy my stuff people) Peir Wu TOJ
Love my Peir Wu pocket shirt, I wear it all the time
Yeah, I have the pants in the same material and they are incredible; just a lot of money to spend in one go
Really want...so expensive (someone buy my Algae coat to help justify) Peir Wu
That M-65 looks incredible, can't wait to see more info on it.
Like the title says, looking for a leather jacket. Namely interested in MMM 5 Zip, TOJ DR, 10sei0otto minimalist jacket, Zam Barret high neck, or something in that range. Looking for something to fit a 48, thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: