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That looks really good on you KOY, what is it?
That is perfect @baltimoron, I really appreciate it!
Feel like someone larger should pick this up Robert Geller Fishtail
Going to be in Boston for the 3rd and 4th of July, any recommendations (shopping, food, drink, points of interest)?
What's the verdict on that new Peir bomber? Looks great in your fit!
Let me know how you like that bomber, I've been debating picking it up for awhile
Soooo good, where did you find that at?
I really enjoy all of the pieces I have by her (really regret not buying that laser-cut sweater that popped up on Grailed a while back)
Couldn't resist, hope it fits me as a size 48 Peir Wu
Thanks for the input all, figured it would probably be a little too exposing without something underneath; oh well, guess I need to find a light weight tank to pair it with
New Posts  All Forums: