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http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Maison-Martin-Margiela-Leather-Jacket-with-Front-Zippers-Size-48-M-/261824336537?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cf5f25299 Same one I have (mine's a 50), calf is really nice & thick
I liked it more than I thought I would; though still not as good as their self-titled or Total Decay
You shoulda bought the high-collar version spacepope was selling awhile back @notwithit
My parents had satellite internet for a long time; horrifically expensive, terrible speeds, and for any online gaming the latency made it impossible
Every time I see a cyc fit with those JE I wanna pair
That's a bummer, but I definitely think a DR would work well for you. I feel like I'm seeing a lot more used TOJ MDRs pop up in smaller sizes around that price range lately, so you'll probably be able to snag one eventually.
@kindofyoung Do it, quilted DR's are great, think you could pull one off too.
Siki Im Spring Bomber I have this in a II, it's one of my favorite jackets http://gra*led/listings/79360-siki-im-stealth-bomber-ss13
Thankfully no damage to the leather; and that's a good recommendation @OccultaVexillum, their store is pretty close by where I live too. And if that doesn't return anything I might have to look at sending it somewhere to get it fixed, or gamble on a local tailor of some sort.
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