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It is a remake that was part of the pre-order for FW16/17, not sure if anyone is going to stock it. That being said...a lot of FW16/17 seems to be reissues (same fabrics/cuts) from that season (FW14 I think?)
Just received my pre-ordered Crombie coat in purple melange; and it is pretty great. Will try and take some pictures later this week/weekend.
I think those were the ones with the zipper pocket on the front. Wonder if you could get some "copies" made of them using Luxire or something like that?
It'll probably be too big on me (the 40/50), I'll let you know if it doesn't work out!
You need to post more photos with your Petar Petrov jacket@Fokken (or just sell it to me)
What year is it? TOJ (in navy calfskin, thanks @cyc wid it!)
What would you advice for sizing? I'm all about that comfy office wear life
Ahh my mistake then, I don't even remember that one.
I have the wick version of that (I think that photo is the FW12 version) in a 5 in that color...not sure if I'm willing to sell though
Wondering how a large would fit as a true 48, hmmm (thanks for the info though!)
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