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I think that's a really good Bene fit...if you undid the bottom button on that cardigan. Which schneider pants are those?
Generally my experience is that MMM is way more comfortable than CPs, but CPs seem to stand up to wear and tear a bit better, but YMMV
Hows the thickness on those Grana?
So, are AA Loose Crew T Shirts still the best option for cheap moderately-slutty t shirts for summer?
Hmmm, wonder if those 41s would fit me; probably too big for my baby feet though
Soooo, how does Jun boot sizing run
That Belstaff seems like a kind of radical departure from your other stuff. IDK, looks OK, not a big fan of that collar strap though
Uhhhh, sure, guess I'll post a fit, why not Robert Geller Ute Ploier Fiorentini + Baker
"Kaneda, what do you see?"
Just let me know what you have, thanks!
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