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5-zip looks good *cries*
I want those bone backzips so bad. Also, Peir Wu lapel-less coat arrived today. It is so nice...too bad it's 100+ degrees here
Definitely let me know dude, thanks!
Thanks @nahneun!
Anyone have any sizing advice for Jun Hashimoto boots? I generally wear a size 40 in Common Projects, size 41 in Margiela sneakers.
Probably my favorite fit of yours @sinnedk. My only critique would be that I'd prefer different footwear. That shiny black leather seems a little jarring with everything else, but that could just be me
That's right, I do remember you posting that earlier. Looks nice in general, but looks really good for H&M. Really been liking the look of that kind of camel-colored suede lately
That looks really good on you KOY, what is it?
That is perfect @baltimoron, I really appreciate it!
Feel like someone larger should pick this up Robert Geller Fishtail
New Posts  All Forums: