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Suspension Point Boxing Sale is on! Extra 25% off with code BOX2016 Already grabbed the item on my list
Most of it was showing as $0 in the category page for a bit, looks like they've corrected it though
I'm mostly unsure because the plum-melange version I bought from SP a while back from FW14 in a 46 was definitely the better size for me even though I'm a 48, so I didn't know if this one was going to be the same way. That being said, figure I'll probably end up going with the 48.
Has anyone tried on the tech MA-1 from this season? Really not sure what size I should get.
Wonder how the brand's trajectory would have changed if Mr. Porter had picked Peir Wu up. Also really glad to hear about the multi-season deal with Harvey Nichols, I was really impressed when I bought from them (shipping charge was fairly reasonable, and the package got to my door in 2 days).
I never buy with the intention to flip, but when I do sell something on Grailed I usually start the price higher than I paid for, because I assume the best offer I'm going to get isn't going to be much above the 60% of current asking price offer that Grailed allows
I'm not much of a techno/electronic listener most of the time, but I love that Huerco S. album
Thanks for the info! Probably gonna have to buy some womens to go with my baby-feet
Can anyone give some advice on how Ann Dem Backlace boots fit? And is there any difference sizing-wise between men's and women's versions?
Holy shit, that thing is amazing
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