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How did you size? I kinda recall that we wear around the same size
Man that LUC coat is nice looking, might have to try and find one for this fall/winter
Any chance fall/winter update will include any new leather color options?
I think you'll probably be fine with a 48. Size difference wasn't huge, the sleeve shortness was a large part of why the 50 looked better on me, and I have long arms for my height
^I tried that on at Totokaelo, it's really cool. It fit kinda slim though, I tried on a 50 and it fit pretty perfectly (normally a 48)
Wow those are gorgeous
Just FYI, the auction for those already ended
Favorite fit of yours @OccultaVexillum. Washed bomber + long plaid looks really cool
Love the shirt, those pants look way too tight though
Vic Mensa name drops Robert Geller on his new EP...was not expecting that
New Posts  All Forums: