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Fiorentini + Baker Elf Sidezips - Walnut - Size 39
Gonna add my own praise, site looks fantastic; really great customer experience. I'll place an order in a heartbeat for a DR3 if you guys ever get in some bottle green calfskin
How do you like those Peir's @conceptionist? I was debating picking them up.
Anyone going to the Siki Im Den Im Stock sale; and if so anyone wanna proxy?
Yeah, shoulders look way too big
Stephan Schneider Addict Jumper Ute Ploier Mohair Scarf
You da real MVP
Nooo don't blow my spot @baltimoron
I did pick up the Sebastian coat. I ended up returning it. It was good weight and nice cut (I got a 46), color was just too orange for my complexion
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