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Well sounds like they had already caught on; weird that they haven't fixed the error though.
I placed an order for the 5 year wash and asked about the credit, and they said it would not be applied. Can't say I'm too surprised, so oh well; but do think they could have handled it much better from a customer service perspective.
Should have clarified, I tried a few times and for each item I clicked on that was on sale it said "Credits do not apply for this item," and I tried lots of different stuff from different brands; but thought I had seen earlier that people had been able to use the credit on sale items, so was a bit confused
Regarding Ecole sale, does the $50 credit for signing up only apply to full price items? Think I'm buy a few things but just wanted to see if I could even use the credit for the sale items.
You the best @baltimoron
Blowing my spot @baltimoron
Merino does have a removable hood
Needs different/plainer sweater; coat looks great though
Soundtrack for this challenge?
I read that entire article in his voice
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