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Very nice pair of Stephan Schneider formal shorts, they feature a subtle gray check pattern, as well as a partially elasticated waist. Perfect for spring & summer. Tagged size 5. Measurements: Waist: 16" (stretches) Inseam: Leg Opening:
Awesome pair of Raf Simons mainline pants from AW08. The have a sharp taper and slim fit, and the texture is really incredible. Tagged size 48. Measurements: Waist: 16 3/4" Inseam: 31" Hem: 7 1/4"
What part of that polo is "chain-link" @RegisDB9?
I'm with you on flipping being a lot harder than it used to be, making me a lot more picky with what I end up purchasing
I almost jumped on it too, only thing stopping me was how the red would work with my skin tone. Hope you're able to pick it up though (and if you do and it doesn't work out hit me up)
Twas not I, although I assume it was the one that had been sitting on eBay?
Don't do it notwithit...so I can get it
Why did you have to put your bballs up for sale melo, i'm so broke, but want them soooo bad
How did you size? I kinda recall that we wear around the same size
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