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What size do you wear in the Maxi nicely?
I can see how they could work; but I'm not a huge fan. Something like Mercurial Frees too basic/boring?
Oh man that moss Alpaca, so nice
Really wish someone had carried that Fleet Coat this season
Anyone ever order from Iam Shop? Is a proxy is required?
Nice, I was debating that one for a long time. Let me know if it doesn't work out!
What bomber did you buy?
I just got in my order from HN - went true to size on the blue bomber and the zip blazer (48) and both fit perfect, glad I didn't size down on the bomber. I sized down on the wool shirt to a 46 and it also fits perfect (but don't think I'm gonna keep it). Might try and take photos this weekend
Peir Wu Stephan Schneider
I literally just got done making butternut squash soup with my immersion blender - turned out great. I did a curried version, next time will do a sweeter curry powder, mine was a little spicier than I expected
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