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Can't wait to get mine today. Does anyone know of any place that has the Fresco in stock yet? Also, if anyone bought this off of Rakuten/has it in a size 4 in this color/has anything in this color in a size 4, hit me up
On me (and bert I'd imagine since we're about the same height) It hits below knee with a size 48, but I'm 5'9", so YMMV. The purple melange is very thick material, though there's no additional padding in the lining or anything so I'd say fall & winter coat. The material also isn't a stiff or structured wool, so it's very soft & flow-y if that makes any sense.
Love that, really digging those Marnis
Still too bright out for a decent full length shot, but here's a preview
Compared to some other aspects of my purchase history, I think I've only sold two Peir Wu pieces ever (that top with the ribbed sleeves & the plum melange moto)
I was referring to the one on Harvey Nichols, not bert's photo (which is the Crombie) just FYI. But anyways, really hope more places stock her again, definitely one of my favorite designers.
I think that one is called the "lab coat" from AW16, I'll have to check the look book that came with the Crombie
Well Harvey Nichols has already gotten in a few pieces for FW16 (the two wool shirts, long coat). Hoping that's not everything though. I don't remember the lightweight jacket they had for SS16...but now I'm bummed I didn't get it lol
I'm curious to see what I Am Shops stock will look like, if they even put it online
It is a remake that was part of the pre-order for FW16/17, not sure if anyone is going to stock it. That being said...a lot of FW16/17 seems to be reissues (same fabrics/cuts) from that season (FW14 I think?)
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