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We aren't interested in that here, abnormal clothing for hypothetical lives is all I wanna see
I'll go ahead and hop on the bandwagon, would also be interested in a Coppens proxy if anyone is available
Bland guitar pop has definitely been my music of choice over the summer I like that song you posted, was expecting different vocals though
Out of curiosity, what size?
Can we talk about how good the new Deerhunter album is? Any other fans?
Thanks @conceptual 4est, I picked up a 48 on Y! but now I'm debating if a 46 would have been a better bet
Piggy-backing off of this, does anyone have a size 48 of the lounge coat that could give some measurements?
I'm gonna blame the fact that I couldn't see anything in that photo
Which Peir bomber is that @conceptionist?
Maison Martin Margiela 5-Zip - Thick Black Calf Leather - Size 50 (fits 48-50) This beautiful Margiela 5-Zip is in immaculate, 9.5/10 condition, basically new. This is the FW13 heavy calf leather version, one of the nicest made in the last few years. This thing is truly amazing, only selling because the fit isn't ideal on my body. Open to offers and trades as well, willing to consider other leather jackets (including 5-Zips in size...
New Posts  All Forums: