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Really regret not grabbing that green Matthew Miller jacket that Suspension Point back in the day, the leather looked really nice/robust
Looking to buy an MMM 5-zip in black leather, preferably one of the very thick calfskin versions from FW11 or FW13. Just let me know, thanks!
I dig the 2nd one more than the first...but both pretty meh to me.
Really hoping someone got in the green bomber that I saw in a Japanese store's lookbook for SS17
Paak puts on a great live show too
I'm actually looking forward to the SS17 collection - in need of some lighter-weight stuff.
Go burgundy if you don't have something in that color yet - it's really great
sounds like it's time for nahneun to provide wok recipes
Fresco is more fitted than a lot of the other comparable hooded bombers SS has put out in the past (Alpaca, Armenian, etc); but I'd agree that one looks a bit small Bene. The one I recently picked up (thanks Suspension Point!) fits a bit slouchier than that
Anyone have any experience with Nanamica? How's the quality/fit on their coats? Kind of interested in one of the chesterfield coats
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