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Wow those are gorgeous
Just FYI, the auction for those already ended
Favorite fit of yours @OccultaVexillum. Washed bomber + long plaid looks really cool
Love the shirt, those pants look way too tight though
Vic Mensa name drops Robert Geller on his new EP...was not expecting that
Well that decides it [[SPOILER]]
Just got back from a trip to Seattle to visit my friend, got a chance to stop in Totokaelo. Such a cool space, would definitely recommend visiting if you're in the area. I talked for a bit with one of the people that worked there and geeked out about Geller & Cloak (he was Ricked out from head to toe). Would have stayed way longer but wife & friend were bored pretty quickly by it
Someone sell me a 2013 DR in some kinda non-black or brown color to fit a 48
Or decorate Alcatraz to look like a Uniqlo, even better
Don't suppose anyone with one of the khaki tencel bombers in a 46 would wanna trade for a black one? Really like it, just have so much black outerwear
New Posts  All Forums: