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Yup, in love with that color, especially the plane jacket though cone is nice as well
Wait, isn't that the same color that you have/had?
I suppose it's more of a british khaki/olive
^PM'ed you
You're too swole for it Bene, I have the same one in a different color in a 4
I know, would have thought one of those places would have picked it up. Feel like I'm gonna grab one of those COS lapel-less blazers to cope with the lack of Peir.
Yeah I heard that too; not sure what that's going to mean for the rest of the AW15 lookbook as far as purchasing
I can't remember the last time I sold anything through SF B&S
I want to buy a lot of it, at least a coat, a blazer, a few shirts, cardigans, some pants. I also wanna buy most of the women's stuff for my fiance, especially the cape
I think it's October 2
New Posts  All Forums: