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Deets on that fit? Really like how clean that is.
Price is right, but not sure what people have thought of this one.
Which pants are those?
Yeah man you should keep, looks good on you
That's really cool looking, where'd you pick it up from?
The number of posts dedicated to it feels less like suspense and more like spam
I had one a long time back and it ran small IMO, not sure if it was a whole size small but maybe a half size small
I'm pretty sure @diniro has at least one digawel piece, I've been kinda curious myself
I think g tran bought that one from you, and I bought it from him, but it was too small (size 3 I believe?). The fabric was one of my favorites, I've always hoped to find more things in that material (even another merino)
Measurements: Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 17" Pit-to-Pit: 20 1/2" Sleeve: 25" Length: 27"
New Posts  All Forums: