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1) Cracked Pepper 2) Would reorder that color, it's the best
Is that the Saltire coat? Very jealous (sell it to me)
Argh I knew I should have pre-ordered it; I figured I'd be fine just waiting for someone to stock it
Yeah that's the one I meant
Damn did no one get the Fresco in that medium blue color?
I have that same one in a 48, it's really nice. I like it better than any RO leather I've ever tried on.
Yeah I always size up for Schneider shirts, 4 in outerwear 5 in shirts
Maybe contact @snowmanxl to see what he could do with one of his band collar shirts?
Yeah, All Saints on sale is kinda the sort of thing I was thinking of. Or some other established brand where he could potentially try it on first and get an idea of his fit. I looked on All Saints site though, and most of their offerings are pretty over-designed. Any other brands kinda around that range? I was thinking maybe rag and bone, but they don't have anything in the vein he was looking for
Alright, have a question: my friend is looking for a leather jacket (he's never owned one before). After sending him a few pictures he's into the look of a Collared Moto (like the one from TOJ/FG), or a CWU-45 (although preferably without the arm-pocket). Also...his budget is $400, but he's willing to go used. I've been wracking my brain trying to think of options for him. Obviously if I can find a used TOJ one in his size that would work (he's 6'3", generally wears a big...
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