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May 15th-17th...can anyone proxy? Hit me up please!
Anyone have any experience with the fit of Silent by Damir Doma jeans from last FW2014?
What Veilance stuff you get Breezy? I picked up a Partition coat from last season, but waiting for it to get here.
I like that @kindofyoung, nice to see a different silhouette from you.
Zam Barrett DNA Pants - Dark Gray - Size 48 -> $80 Shipped CONUS Measurements:
Bless ?
Just FYI, that's the Base shirt in your picture. Also, it fits very very slim.
Damn it, wish I wasn't broke, that thing is gorgeous
Mostly it's just not a good looking jacket.
BNWT Arc'tyrex Veilance Blazer LT - Sepia - Medium (46-48) -> $260 Shipped CONUS Measurements: Shoulder-to-Shoulder: 17 1/2" Pit-to-Pit: 20 1/2" Sleeve: 25 1/2" Length: 29"
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