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Wishing I had kept my UU hidden placket shirts, need to pick some of those up again somehow
Bert so good, what Petrov pants are those
And this was slim on me when I was closer to a true 46; hence why the sizing on this is so confusing to me
And I own half of them...and you own one of mine
Someone cop immediately
I hate everything about this thread right now, except B!CD's lame jokes
I think it kind of varies item to item. Some of the prices are pretty similar, some (especially the true samples) are at a steeper discount. This is all from my limited experience using proxies though, others might have more information
Schneider sizing: always a mystery. Wear a size 6 in the base shirt, but a 4 in most other things
How did that new Merino work out Bert? Was curious how that size 5 compared to your camel size 4
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