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Just got my Geller zipper blazer in the mail (the shiny old season one) and it's really cool...feel like the shininess is a little too much for me though; kind of want to get the black or navy version instead now
Want to buy some gray or navy tapered pants. Very interested in Ute Ploier Base Camp trousers, or from brands like Petar Petrov or Stephan Schneider. To fit size 46-48.
Want to buy a Temple of Jawnz Fishtail in Cracked Pepper, either size XS or S.
Want to buy a Patrik Ervell Pocket Sweater. Interested in most darker colors, and looking for a small-medium (small in previous seasons, medium in newer seasons).
Want to buy a Temple of Jawnz Double Rider style jacket to fit a size 47-48. Namely looking for a MDR or Band Collar, but willing to consider most DR styles. Really only interested in gunmetal hardware. Only looking to get one off of B&S as opposed to ordering because I want one to wear before it gets too warm outside.
Common Projects Cap-Toe - Gray - Size 40 -> $140 Shipped CONUS *Includes box and dustbags
The fact that they are loafers
I went to see Crystal Castles and Pictureplane last night. Most lit I've been at a show in a long time...and then one of the girls I went to the show with took my Ervell patterned cuff jacket and ran off with it, found her hours later at a bar still wearing it
Wait, really? Yup, guess so, well there's one on eBay too in a small...nevermind, there was one, that I just bought
eBay, had a pretty reasonable BIN price too
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