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Or the new Iceage album
What Uniqlo pants are those fishbones?
Ni No Kuni
^have you considered one of those Visvim A-2s?
What's the material of that Siki snow?
Sell me a pair of you GellerxCP boots mello!
I wish it was me, would love to find that coat in a size IV, always seemed like a really overlooked piece from that collection
^I agree with a lot of that actually melon (though I have a soft spot for the Himalaya bomber). A lot of the detailing from his previous seasons seems a little tacky. I like a fair amount of FW09, but I think his stuff has been getting a lot more wearable as time has gone on, without sacrificing his use of color and cut that makes him distinctive. Also, somebody sell me a leather jacket!
I have that one Geller is wearing, one of my go-to's
Frozen waves 4 lyfe boi
New Posts  All Forums: