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Holy shit this Siki Im jacket is awesome, how did I get this for 80% off?
^^those sound like some awesome pickups Teger, which NDG cardigan did you get?
bowtie reedo was the best reedo
what size did you get reedo? I'd love to find one of the canvas/non leather 5 zips, but it's such a pain to search for them on eBay/Y!/Rakuten with all of the H&MxMMM stuff everywhere.
that the denim version reedo?
Oh god, that's tomorrow night? Guess I'm not getting dinner anywhere near downtown KC tomorrow...
My friend's GF went to the CO show and said it was amazing. That lineup is crazy, probably one of my biggest musical regrets of 2012 was missing Converge, especially after they released such a great album
^Really regret not going to see them in CO when I had the chance (of course they didn't stop by in KC)
KJ, I think like 22 years?
Donut, I agree entirely. Also, I'm with you shootspeed, If I Am was my instant favorite, had to go back and listen to it multiple times
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