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reedo going for that hulk look
those are terrible
Haven't ordered it yet, but was thinking about doing so soon....or I can just buy yours and you can buy the medium!
I hope you gain 50 more lbs toasty and are forced to sell that Ervell to me
Haha, honestly if I could justify it I'd keep both hoodcoats and then buy the Schneider Berber coat too; I love hooded coats. I like the fit of the gray Bless more, but I already have a lot of light gray tones for my outerwear, so feel like it's kind of redundant. Probably just need to throw on the black one more and embrace it; but we'll see.
Also interested in a proxy!
So...keep my BLESS Hoodcoat, or get this instead?
But I'm such a boring dresser generally (that and I always feel like out of place wearing long coats). Now I'm gonna have to rush home after work and play dress up for a half hour with the hood coat
Definitely a case of feeling like the coat is wearing me as opposed to me wearing it, but I'm still undecided. Anyways, back to your regularly scheduled programming.
Well, I still have the black one, put up as an interest check...though might sell both; neither get the wear they deserve.
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