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If this was a 4 I'd have already bought it http://item.rakuten.co.jp/kind-u/011304001153/
I love lots of stacks on my jeans generally (and it's inevitable since I'm 5'8"), but I can't help but feel that's just a little too much. Part of that might be the thickness/stiffness of the denim though. I don't think the need to be tapered
Glad you asked about that one, I kept seeing it pop up on mbok, and each time wondered what size it was
That color is so good; wish I had room in my closet for another knit
Damn, I'll need 41s then; 40s in lows were too small on me
^Anyone know how the his compare to the lows sizing wise? I wear 41 in the lows
Few things I've been debating Margiela Ute Ploier Ervell
Unfortunate, the cracked pepper fishtail is probably one of my favorite pieces ever; the material and construction is really great
They don't run that big, mine is a small and fits like a dream; but large might be a bit big for you cyc
Oh yeah, forgot to blur face...oh well
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