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Hard to argue with their return policy toasty, I'll be curious to hear what you think of the plokhov when you get it
Well damn it, didn't need another dip-dye, but couldn't resist
Really tempted by that NDG Anorak he's selling
Both pairs, couldn't argue at the price he was asking
I got free tickets to see Big Boi 2 weeks ago, but didn't go because it was a Sunday night and I was tired
SF motto/mission statement?
New Baths album is my current listening choice
To add to the question, does anyone know how the the F + B derbies fit compared to the boots (namely the 745)? I'm hoping the same, as my 745 boots fit perfectly.
Fiorentini + Baker Or just get Momas?
Still waiting to get it from Japan, should get it sometime this coming week.
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