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They look bad in those stock pics too. Everything I've seen in your fits looks a size too small, or at least too slim. Looks uncomfortable.
Or just buy it from @el Bert
Really like that @conceptionist, what are the pants?
Nope, they never did.
Suddenlee hasn't responded to me at all; I'm not even sure they are still active
Will do. Haven't heard anything yet. Hoping someone here would be willing, but haven't heard anything on that front either
Yup, that's the one. What size is yours?
I wanna say it's either ss10 or ss11. I owned it, but had to sell because it was too small (wish I could find it in a 5)
I tried contacting SuddenLee about the Ervell sample sale, filled out the form and everything, but haven't heard anything from them.
Ditto, would love a proxy to the Siki Im sale, willing to pay proxy fee
New Posts  All Forums: