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This thread isn't for posting your own stuff @psydle, might want to take that down.
I just got a Wacom CTL-480 for work, which I think is low-mid range as far as pricing goes. I haven't had a whole lot of time to use it, but is definitely taking me some getting used to.
Sooooooo, what's the sizing consensus on the Grana scoop neck tees? Normally a medium/48.
Damn that looks perfect, what'd you do for the bottom of it? Was actually planning on trying to make one this weekend.
Damn that Robert suit looks great
No black or gray, bummer
Also, didn't realize it was our own @artishard116 that did the photos!
@The3rdConch0rd I think that might be one of my favorite fits of yours, pants look great. Yeezys don't do a whole lot for me, but seem to fit well with everything else
Bene it's alright man, just give all your Schneider to me, I'll take good care of it
New Posts  All Forums: