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Well at least I'm not the only one. If anyone happens to be able to proxy from the Schneider boutique I guess hit me up!
Ugh, well no one is answering the boutique email. They responded once to my initial question but now it's been 5 days since their last response. So frustrating.
Does Erwin use the same email?
I really wish TATJANA would respond to my emails...
So glad it worked out for you, it's so nice!
Yeah, I noticed that they have different listings for the different sizes in some cases; I'd say it might be worth contacting the store to see what's up. Seems like way too much discrepancy between the two
Do you have any photos of the one you received? That seems way too different compared to the picture on the site
Hopefully the right place for this question - does anyone know which season this jacket is? And what the leather is like?
Those prints are great, really dig it
Anyone ever had difficulties getting a response from H Lorenzo? Trying to ask a question about an item I want to order; but haven't gotten any response back after a week.
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