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Does anyone here own the Richard jacket from last Fall in purple in a 48?
You might want someone else to confirm, but I think the Premium ones have some additional stitching on the sides, and are a bit more "padded" feeling.
GATS more comfortable, but CP Achilles more durable. Once Achilles break in they get pretty comfortable though.
Looks great
We aren't interested in that here, abnormal clothing for hypothetical lives is all I wanna see
I'll go ahead and hop on the bandwagon, would also be interested in a Coppens proxy if anyone is available
Bland guitar pop has definitely been my music of choice over the summer I like that song you posted, was expecting different vocals though
Out of curiosity, what size?
Can we talk about how good the new Deerhunter album is? Any other fans?
Thanks @conceptual 4est, I picked up a 48 on Y! but now I'm debating if a 46 would have been a better bet
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