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Was it Nine Lives?
...If you happen to find a wick or algae coat in size 4; or anything from Frozen Waves or Winter Weeds I'd be interested
It is a great coat too. Honestly I'd love to trade mine for a different colorway; the gray overlaps a bit too much with my new Peir Wu coat
You'd definitely be a 4, I'm a little larger than you and a 4 fits me, 5 would definitely be large on me (buy mine)
Just had a Grailed seller totally flake on sending me the Veilance coat I bought from him, zero responses to the questions I sent asking where it is. Already filed a PayPal claim over it, but still bummed; really wanted it. So what I'm saying is...someone sell me a Field Jacket IS in a small
Hey everyone, on the lookout for a pair of Peir Wu jogger or moto pants in a size 48. Willing to consider all colors. Also interested in basically any other Peir Wu stuff you might have, so hit me up!
Wow you have a Kaftan in that fabric @gettoasty? That would be really cool. I believe I had a blazer in that fabric that I regrettably sold, really beautiful material though
Love the buy @SuspensionPoint, that version of the Thinner is especially cool. Is there going to be a 2nd delivery as well?
Definitely buy
1) Cracked Pepper 2) Would reorder that color, it's the best
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