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Finally Stephan Schneider Plain Jacket (thanks @Noctone!)
Devoa (don't even know what I'm doing anymore)
I found FromJapan to be even slower that ZenMarket as far as actually purchasing off Rakuten
I find my charcoal NMWA reissue merino difficult to button up and make sit well/look nice; while my OG camel version sits a lot better when I button it all the way up
I think this one:
I still have a few pieces of Ervell floating around in my closet; but haven't felt the urge to buy much of anything in quite a while from the brand. Feels like everything is either a) way too similar to his previous offerings, or b) not a silhouette or style that interests me much
Isn't one of those models from that Leder editorial one of our SF members (I can't remember his name, remember him wearing a very slim-fitted Engineered Garments bedford)?
Was it Nine Lives?
...If you happen to find a wick or algae coat in size 4; or anything from Frozen Waves or Winter Weeds I'd be interested
It is a great coat too. Honestly I'd love to trade mine for a different colorway; the gray overlaps a bit too much with my new Peir Wu coat
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