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I'm oddly tempted by the strapped coat
How do you like the Death to Tennis coat? Their stuff looks pretty nice
I love my OG painted GATs but the bottoms are almost worn through, I wore them to way too many concerts and music festivals. RIP
Maybe some new leather/suede colors?
Looking to buy a new Siki Im bomber (my previous one is now too small). Open to most iterations, though specifically interested in the Stealth bomber and the Bulls bomber. Looking for size II and III. Also interested in other pieces by Siki Im, especially outerwear. Just let me know what you have. Thanks!
That Masnada cardigan is so good
The one downside to getting in better favorite bomber is too tight in the shoulders & arms now (someone sell me a Siki Im bomber in a II or III)
Well at least I'm not the only one. If anyone happens to be able to proxy from the Schneider boutique I guess hit me up!
Ugh, well no one is answering the boutique email. They responded once to my initial question but now it's been 5 days since their last response. So frustrating.
Does Erwin use the same email?
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