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Finally got my Algae coat in from Sipang. Was really worried about buying a size 4 (heard about people needing to size up) but turns out my fears were unfounded, fits me perfectly (I'm about a 48)
kunk clean-shaven
yyyuuussssss @cyc wid it
Yeah, I should try something like that; no more fits from me until I can take a proper picture
Little bit hungover this morning Siki Im Robert Geller Robert Geller Common Projects
I'm hoping a 46 was the right choice, wasn't sure how to size. Feel like it probably won't work that great with my skin tone but wanted to try it out.
Cross post from Recent Purchases #bricksomethingsquad
Never even seen this one before; probably won't keep but had to try it out Robert Geller #bricksomethingsquad
Well you know to hit me up about that Plain jacket I feel ya on the taking fit pics during the winter though, I usually only do it in the morning before work or on the weekends.
Super cheap 10sei0otto leather jacket size 44
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