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Those look fantastic @StanleyVanBuren
I bet that Thom Browne sample sale will be an utter cluster-fuck
edit: and thanks!
Anyone have any eating/shopping recommendations for Italy? Gonna be in Rome, Positano and Florence for my honeymoon in a few months
Pants, band collar shirts, maybe even outerwear...definitely gonna grab some stuff from this collab. Also need to pick up some stuff for the fiance
Hit the nail on the head. It is a jacket that looks really cool on the hanger, but on the body always left something to be desired. I've owned it twice and I was even debating picking up that one you're looking at...but common sense interceded.
I've owned that jacket twice before. It's nice, lightweight jacket; depending on your body type the fit can be a bit odd though.
This thread isn't for posting your own stuff @psydle, might want to take that down.
I just got a Wacom CTL-480 for work, which I think is low-mid range as far as pricing goes. I haven't had a whole lot of time to use it, but is definitely taking me some getting used to.
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