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Ahh my mistake then, I don't even remember that one.
I have the wick version of that (I think that photo is the FW12 version) in a 5 in that color...not sure if I'm willing to sell though
Wondering how a large would fit as a true 48, hmmm (thanks for the info though!)
Any idea how Matthew Miller leathers fit/any place with measurements?
I wanna buy everything from this season...I'm going to be so broke
Now I'm starting to question if I should have gone with the thinner in burgundy over the conversation, hmmmm
I bought those burgundy wool dress pants (not sure what the model name is...melo?), I really like them. Wool is nice and thick, and the color is very nice (kinda reminiscent of my purple melange Peir Wu pants).
Really like these 2 Siki looks off of Instagram
Siki Im SS17 looks really good, too bad it'll be impossible to find to buy anywhere
Anyone have any sidezips in size 40 they want to sell, hit me up!
New Posts  All Forums: