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I'll let you know if it doesn't work out!
Soooo...what is sizing like with the Sebastian bomber?
Looks well made @nicelynice, but your Layer-0 is so much cooler looking
The soles on those SLP sneakers just look so thin to me, always looks unbalanced
What the hell, that sucks man
It's actually Wings + Horns I think (but the brand you're thinking of is Three Animals)
If anyone wants to get rid of a DR in a 48 in some kind of non black/gray/brown leather (bottle green, olive green, sherwood or diesel blue suede, etc) let me know!
Does anyone here own the Richard jacket from last Fall in purple in a 48?
You might want someone else to confirm, but I think the Premium ones have some additional stitching on the sides, and are a bit more "padded" feeling.
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