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Styling is bad, but honestly considering how absurd I thought the pricing would be, the prices things sold at weren't that out of line (or at least the things I clicked on weren't)
Burgundy Conservation & Blue Fresco. Also bought tickets to Seattle for the wife & I so broke all around
Schneider preorder made me brokkkeee
I really should get a tripod or something, sorry for weird angle. Stephan Schneider Stephan Schneider Stephan Schneider Peir Wu Common Projects
I think I listed 15+ things last night just to get them up there
Did you get those off eBay?
Not getting enough thumbs on you RP post is an odd thing to get butthurt about
Already put in my order for it (you want my 4 @Regg? Non hidden placket version)
And I think I sold you your gray I have it in camel and the dark charcoal NMWA version
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