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What would you advice for sizing? I'm all about that comfy office wear life
Ahh my mistake then, I don't even remember that one.
I have the wick version of that (I think that photo is the FW12 version) in a 5 in that color...not sure if I'm willing to sell though
Wondering how a large would fit as a true 48, hmmm (thanks for the info though!)
Any idea how Matthew Miller leathers fit/any place with measurements?
I wanna buy everything from this season...I'm going to be so broke
Now I'm starting to question if I should have gone with the thinner in burgundy over the conversation, hmmmm
I bought those burgundy wool dress pants (not sure what the model name is...melo?), I really like them. Wool is nice and thick, and the color is very nice (kinda reminiscent of my purple melange Peir Wu pants).
Really like these 2 Siki looks off of Instagram
Siki Im SS17 looks really good, too bad it'll be impossible to find to buy anywhere
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