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Looking for a nice pair of boat shoes around the price of 50$ that also look nice. any ideas?
The worst part is having a coversation with people in the locker room. Oh did I mention that you are fully clothed while he is completly naked?
Last time I was sick was junior year of highschool (currently a junior in college) Family came from kansas and their baby was sick with a stomach virus. Got everyone else sick (8 other people) lol.
Quote: Originally Posted by TrH Coffee >>>>>>>>>>>>>> any fucking energy drink ever (without booze) My opinion, though, is tainted as we finnish drink pretty nefarious amounts of the stuff. Haha <3 coffee too. Black coffee all the way tho
You know what hey say about people with big shoulders...
So now that I have been keeping up with it, im down 5 lbs. Feel great but only one thing. I used to drink a lot of energy drinks. By a lot I mean at least 1 a day. Now I basically stopped drinking them and I am always exhausted. Basically a withdrawl. Was just curious as to what you think I can do for the extra energy since I have been using a lot to work out, and since I got rid of the energy drinks, basically right after working out im dead for the rest of the day....
Didnt read all the posts, but did you consider getting a scan done. Maybe worst case scenario is you would need surgery since it soudns according to some of the posts like it might not heal completely. Also why cant you swim? I work in a pool and a lot of the people who swim daily use it due to an injury, theirs might not be as serious as yours. You shold be able to do kicking drills?
Quote: Originally Posted by rahimlee54 Based on this I can eat 3k calories of chicken and vegetables daily, not exercise, and lose weight. I think you have a misconception of what it takes to lose weight. Im on it! lol. I think that the reason I had gained so much weight wasnt because I was working out/taking protein but due to the holidays lol. Lots of family parties, lots of weight gain. Because now im down to 210, so I lost 4 lbs in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by jarude Start taking a daily read of your temperature, and keep track of it. 1350 cals for a 210lb guy sounds like a starvation diet to me - you could crash your metabolism if you run at too high of a deficit. Ill start taking my temperature but I dont really consume much more calories even if I wasnt dieting lol. Im just one of those guys whos not skinny, but doesnt eat a lot lol. For example, right now I am not...
Day 2: Totals Calories: 1,351 Fat 28g Carbs: 84g Protein: 155g
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